Inside the Box DCnU52 Special – Pick 6 with Justice League Dark, Teen Titans, Superman & The Fury of Firestorm

Justice League Dark DCnU52Welcome to the last Inside the Box DCnU52 special, together Jean (aka the Nerd Wife) and myself picked six titles off the rack at our local comic book store Chucks Comics to see what would make it into our box for the next month. This is the last week of the new 52 month so the last chance for DC to recruit new readers with their last set of easy accessible books. Below are my thoughts presented in the order I read the books in.

Justice League Dark #1 – Milligan & Janin – When things go bump in the night who are you going to call? DC’s more mystical characters have always been on the fringe and Justice League Dark wants to change that. I don’t know much about any of these characters – I know Shade because he appeared in Suicide Squad once, Zatanna and Deadman are about my limit because they appeared in the mainstream books; the rest I know little or nothing about and like a lot of the DCnU52 books this one totally fails to really explain them. Interesting, loved the concept of a sentient Power Plant that simply is bored, but that got brushed over. For me its not a keeper although I think Jean will want to keep it.

Teen Titans #1 – Lobdell, Booth & Rapmund – I got this because I liked Teen Titans back in the 90’s and I should of known better. I didn’t really enjoy this book at all, nothing wrong with the art and the story was fine, it just didn’t do anything for me or make me want to get the next issue. Liked the new look Red Robin look, again though a team book where the team isn’t even assembled by the end of the book… Gone…

Green Lantern New Guardians #1 – Bedard, Kirkham & Batt – Don’t know what is going on, Kyle Rayner becomes a Green Lantern in this book and gets the last Green Power Ring. Other color lantern rings get stolen and I wont tell you what happens at the end as it will spoil the only surprise in a boring book. Next time I will pick up Weird West Tales…

Batman The Dark Knight #1 – Finch, Jenkins & Friend – Nice art, interesting story, I have noticed that a lot of the DCnU52 books are powered by an inner narrative to help the reader navigate the books; seems to be a very popular device throughout new52. This one is no exception, I have no idea were in the Bat timeline this takes part in, again it references stuff from Batman Inc which I have no idea about, so, so much for no continuity. I read Bat’s in trades if I like the story you can guess I wont be picking up the next one.

Wow… Three books in and none of them keepers, did I pick up the wrong material this week?

Superman #1 – Perez & Merino – Part of this story links into Stormwatch and just like Stormwatch you have no idea what is really going on. Interesting to see Superman having power limits, but in the end this was picked up because it was Superman #1. I liked the art and there is a ton of exposition in this book, it didn’t grab me but Superman never really did. Looks like next months box is going to be a little light…

The Fury of Firestorm #1 – Van Scriver, Simone & Cinar – I had high hopes for this book, Gail Simone has a proven track record of taking dead end characters and reinventing them again, and she didn’t disappoint. I enjoyed the story even if elements left me confused, but at least it was a good I want to know more confused not a give a damn. The two main protagonists lock horns from the beginning and when Firestorm happens it just gets better – I popped for the super-morph-in fury moment at the end; this is a keeper.

I don’t know if it was Pick 6 we made or the titles this week just weren’t that hot for me; out of six titles only one caught my interest for me to want to read next time around. This is the end of new52 and now we can settle down to see if the titles that made the grade for with me will stay in my box. I guess we will find out next month as the DC titles merge into my more regular Inside the Box column.

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