The Nerd Wife – One line reviews of the Alt World Pick 6 from last weeks DCnU52 releases

The Nerd Wife JeanThe Nerd Wife, aka as my wife, or Jean to her friends is a huge reader of comic books and has only recently been introduced to the DC universe via the DCnU52 books. Two weeks ago she gave me a surprise one line review of the Pick 6 new52 DC books we had picked up, and with her permission I posted them to the Alt World Blog. Along with being a huge Nerd, Jean runs a bakeshop called the Sweetsfairy, producers of amazing cakes and cake toppers, check out there amazing Fairy Tale Enchanted Tower here, and you can read her one line reviews below.

Catwoman Number One - DCnU52Catwoman – Like the artwork, love that she’s built like a woman and not disproportional like most female comic characters. Story was good but seemed overly sexy and not sure what I think about the Batman hook up at the end yet. But I am looking forward to seeing what the next issues brings.  More excuses for her to fall out of her costume? – Nick

Red Hood and the Outlaws – Again with the amped up sex vibe with Starfire. But liked the story, liked that they have Jason moving on not obsessing on Batman and interested to see how the story unfolds. The only saving grace is Jason is more interesting here, not the cheesecake and bimbo portrayed Starfire – Nick

Wonder Woman – Lot of action which I enjoyed and digging her costume. Interested to see what happens in the next issues. This book surprised both us – Nick

Batman – Wasn’t a lot of action other then the very beginning which I was disappointed about. But had some surprises and want to see where they are going with this story. Knew you would like this book better than me – Nick

Nightwing – It was okay, seemed to take forever to get to the villian. Thought there was too much self actualization going on. Might read another issue or 2 to see if it gets better. It seems Dick is not having a hot 52 month, a suspect in a murder, caused the death of two Police Officers which he used as a diversion and getting a beat down in his own opening book! – Nick

Captain Atom – Never read anything with him in it till now and probably won’t again. Story kind of bored me and wasn’t too interested in any of the characters. They turned him into Doctor Manhatten except his junk isn’t hanging out – Nick

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