Cha… Cha… Changes… Alt World gets a slightly new look… Easier to navigate with less custard

Steampunk NickDON’T PANIC! My regular more readers may be a little confused when they check out the website today, don’t worry nothing has really changed I just condensed a few things. I spent Saturday working on a new front for Alt World and released it in the wee-hours of the morning onto the World Wide Web. While there was nothing a matter with the old one, I wanted to move some information from the sidebar and into better real estate; plus it decreases the load time of the actually website – which is a good thing. 

The changes aren’t that drastic, we have a new welcome message, more prominence to the what is new section, a condensed blog section and more importantly my novels are no longer hidden. I still have new features planned that I will introduce over time once I figure them out and their placement. I want to get you my readers more involved in this website and in turn I hope my writing.  For now I can concentrate on a couple of writing projects that need my attention by the end of this year, you see I want to complete the second Exposition story, the third Tether Saga story Nevermore and the last three Wonder Tales. Going to be interesting…

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