Inside the Box DCnU52 Special – Pick 6 with Wonder Woman, Red Hood & the Outlaws, Captain Atom & Catwoman

Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 DCnU52Welcome to my Inside the Box DCnU52 special, every week I pick six titles from the DC52 release from my local comic book shop Chucks Comics and see if they will stay in my comic box for the next issue. This is the third week of DC52 and the releases are not the banner books of the last two, so this time the books have to lean more on their stories over flashy names. Now lets see what will stay, what will go in the order I read the books in.

Wonder Woman #1 – Azzarello & Chiang – I’ve already reviewed this title in full here, this book was a surprise to me as I frankly don’t expect much from this character. The direction here is exciting, the outfit is still a little cheesecake, but the colors are muted and it feels like something a warrior would wear. The book did enough for me to want to read the next issue and I look forward to picked in up.

Starfire Cheesecake from DCnU52Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 – Lobdell & Racafort – I read the previews for this book over on CBR and I didn’t really like the style of it. We have three heroes with the Red Hood, Speedy? and Starfire who don’t fit into the norms of the Superhero pantheon and have a darker edge to them. Red Hood is the Hitman, Speedy is the Mercenary and Starfire is the Alien who doesn’t belong. Not a bad book, there is a gratuitous scene of Starfire in a bikini that is straight out of Sports Illustrated, there is over the top violence and it is almost the comic book version of Crank. There isn’t enough in this book to want me to come back a second time, not staying in my box, but I think the book will appeal to pure-action orientated readers.

Batman #1 – Snyder, Capullo & Glapion – Like Wonder Woman, I got this book because it is Batman #1 of the relaunch. I normally pick up Batman books as trades to get the whole story, I’ve found the Bat stories work better that way. Nice artwork, very stylized and I like it we are reading comic books, not photo realistic novels. I liked the story, and we get introduced to the entire Batman immediate pantheon. I don’t really know were it stands in the Batman timeline I think this is present DC time. This may stay in the box as a book my wife will read, for me I will wait for the trade.

Captain Atom #1 – Krul & Williams II – They ermm turned Captain Atom into Doctor Manhatten and seriously amped up his powers. I got it because I read Captain Atom back in the 90’s I don’t know if this book will stay in the box and might make a rack judgement on the next issue.

Catwoman #1 – Winick & March – Cheesecake abounds in this book and Selina (Catwoman) spends most of the book in various states of undress. It was fun, I liked the dialog and the interesting grey area she lives in, the artwork is nice although Selina is a little angular for my liking. This books ends in a predictable way that can go multiple ways. Again another comic that my wife will most likely keep, and even though I enjoyed it its not really my type of book.

Nightwing #1 – Higgins, Barrows & Mayer – Dick is back to being Nightwing again, a character created for him and a character he grew into. New characters, new attitude and a good book to boot; Dick has been always the more light hearted character in the Batverse, the foil to Batman, the light to his darkness. He has always found his own way and is many ways Dick Grayson is the lynch pin of the DC universe. It is a keeper and will be staying in my box.

There you have it my six DC books for this week, two of the six I choose will be staying in my box until at least the second issue. Two more of them I am sure my wife will enjoy and keep more than me. One more week to go and then we will examine the body count for the new DC52 this month. Onwards and watch out for my wife one line reviews for DCnU52 in the next couple of days.

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