Review – DCnU52 Wonder Woman #1 by Brian Azzarello & Cliff Chiang, a surprise read…

DCnU52 Wonder Woman Number OneWonder Woman #1
Publisher DC Comics
Written by Brian Azzarello
Art & Cover by Cliff Chiang

The only reason I picked up Wonder Woman #1 was simply because you had to get the first issue of Wonder Woman in relaunch. I really didn’t know what to expect from it, in my experience I’ve not really enjoyed Wonder Woman as a stand alone title it never seems to quite work. Almost as if the writers never knew what to do with her, Princess or Warrior? Ambassador for Peace or Warrior? What is she? 

This new book was a surprise, the art is muted and slightly muddy which gives the title a moody look. Gone are the primary colors of the Wonder Woman of old, the new Wonder Woman is serious, and the dark artwork is a foreboding of this. Here we have Princess Diana here, Amazon Warrior, not cheesecake Wonder Woman. However even this incarnation isn’t wearing pants.

The story leans heavily on Greek Mythology and it doesn’t pull any punches, the fight is gory and we see Diana the warrior here and she reacts accordingly. Very much a hit first and think later, this Wonder Woman makes mistakes and puts people in peril unintentionally through her actions. I enjoyed it, the story by Brian Azzarello was a surprise and with the muted art of Cliff Chiang really brought it together. This book is dark, brooding and hints at the Greek Pantheon getting involved in mortal affairs.

As a stand alone introduction to the Character it didn’t quite work, we get to see Diana in action and see how capable she is as a fighter. We don’t know much more than that, thankfully Wonder Woman, much like Batman & Superman is one of those public conscious heroes, so you don’t need to explain much. I’m interested in seeing what happens next, this book was standout because I wasn’t expecting anything from it, I like the character of Wonder Woman in this book and I will be picking up the second title to see where this goes. If you’ve ignored this book because it is Wonder Woman I suggest you go back to local comic book shop’s rack and pick it up, give it a chance I promise you it is worth it.

3 thumbs up out of 5

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