The Nerd Wife – Jean’s thoughts on our DCnU52 Six book pick for this week

Jeana Davis - Nerd WifeI’m married to a comic book nerd, yes that’s right I caught a Unicorn who likes comics almost as much as me. My wife Jean (aka The Sweetsfairy) has been reading books on and off for over 10 years and often has more comics in the box at Chucks Comics than me. She has a much different take on comics than I do often saying I’m too picky, or searching for something that just isn’t there. Here are her one line thoughts on the six titles picked out from this week’s releases of DcnU52 books.

DCnU52 Demon KnightsBatman Detective Comics – I liked it and really want to see what happens next and what’s going on with Joker – Nick – I would rather wait for the TPB myself.

Demon Knights – Very much enjoyed this one, you know I love stuff set in medieval times especially King Arthur stuff. Very interested to see what’s going on & what’s going to happen and what the Demon’s destiny is – Nick – It had that whole fantasy romp vibe and I can’t wait until the next issue.Legion Lost – I didn’t care for it at all, it was confusing & seemed like it was all over the place – Nick – that’s because it was.

Batman & Robin– Was okay, may read a few more issues just to see if it gets better… Didn’t even know he had a kid – Nick – I wasn’t sure if Damian was going to survive the reboot.

Suicide Squad – Was alright I guess, the only character I was really interested in is Harley… Don’t really know anything about the other ones and never heard of them. I may read a few more just to see if I can get into it any further but I’m doubting it – Nick – I have fond memories of this book from the 90’s so I’m hoping it picks up to keep my interest too.

Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E – Wasn’t too bad, the story peaked my interest a little so will read some more to see if it keeps my interest or not – Nick – Who knew you would enjoy all the scientific exposition cause it killed the title for me.

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