Inside the Box DCnU52 Special – Batman and Robin, Suicide Squad, Demon Knights & Legion Lost

Batman and Robin DCnU52 #1Welcome to the Inside the Box DCNu52 special; I picked out six titles from this weeks DC new releases to be included in my box at Chucks Comics. Below are my thoughts of the titles I picked out in the order I read them in.

Batman and Robin #1 – Tomasi, Gleason & Gray – New book, new start and a good place to jump in with no continuity worries, right? Boy did I get that all wrong. There are links to the Pre-DCnU52 book in here with Batman Inc leaving me with no clue about what is going on, and no exposition to help me. Some positives though, I liked the interaction between Bruce and Damain sort of Dark & Darker; artwork was nice and a tribute to Batman Year One. The book contains the first time I’ve ever seen a Bat vehicle stolen without a security measure stopping them. To sum up, I got this book because I figured it would be a good place to start reading Batman, instead I’m left underwhelmed and it wont be staying in the box. 

Suicide Squad #1 – Glass, Dallocchio & Getty – I have fond memories of Suicide Squad back in the 90’s and this was a instant add to my box list. This book acts as an introduction to the new squad members, with Deadshot being the old hand and I suppose link to squads of the past. The story was okay, but I don’t know that much about the other squad members to really be sure about it all working. I do think Harley Quinns new outfit is actually okay, its not as revealing as the cover implies and it suits the character. Surprise twist ending and it looks like the Wall also has had a DCnU52 make over… Staying in the box through the first arc just to see if Suicide Squad proves you can go home again.

Demon Knights #1 – Cornell, Neves & Albert – This book is something very different and I love it, I found myself grinning and laughing with the story. It has the darkness you expect with an Etrigan story, but every element just balanced perfectly and it’s good sheer comic book fun; with some of the best dialog I read in a book this week. If you get one book from the DCnu52 universe this week pick this one up its a stonker and staying in the box.

Legion Lost #1 – Nicieza & Woods – Picked this book straight off the rack out of curiosity, kind of wished I didn’t and got Resurrection Man instead. I don’t know enough about the characters to care about them and couldn’t stay focused on the story to begin to care about them. I don’t know if it was the writing or the art, or that you have to be a Legion fan to get what is going on. Didn’t Legion cause all those continuity errors during the last rebook? Flashpoint barrier which reinforces my belief we are looking a Heros Reborn reboot and not something that is going to stay. Not in the box, not going to stay in the box or ever be near it… Sorry… Just not my type of book.

Batman Detective Comics – Daniel & Winn – Reinforced my belief that Batman when flying solo in a title works better as a TPB. Batman fans will love this book, for me its gone from the box.

Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E – Lemire & Ponticelli – I asked for this book to be included in my box on the cover alone, it looked like a fun Monster romp, sort of an amped up Hellboy. Instead we get dumped on by load of scientific exposition that killed the story dead. I don’t care how special the SHADE HQ is I wanted to see Frankenstein knee deep in monsters, even with the rebooted Creature Commando’s it wasn’t enough. Gone… Gone… Gone…

That was my DCnU52 Six for this week, and for DC it was a rough one with only two of the six making it to the box for next month. A couple of titles disappointment me and the Batman books really just showed me that he works better with me as a TPB, well more books coming next week which might pick up DC’s plummeting batting average.

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