First review for my graphic novel Fabula Zero from Dan Nokes of 21CSS

Fabula ExpositionMy graphic novel Fabula Zero, the mash-up of narrative prose and comic book has been formally released for just under four weeks now. I’m just starting to get feedback on this unique work, the first being from Dan Nokes of 21st Sand Shark Studios; Dan has been in the indie publishing scene for over 10 years now, his books Paranormals, Pistoleers and Adam & Eve Bizarre Love Triangle in the Zombie Apocalypse are all fantastic reads. So hearing what he thought about my first real steps into the indie comic book world with Fabula Zero carried a lot of weight, simply put this man knows good comic books! You can read the transcript of our conversation after the jump.

Me: Well now you’ve read my first real venture into comic books, what is are your thoughts on Fabula Zero and don’t be scared to honest I can take it… Honest…

Dan: Your prose to comic juxtoposition is quite novel and I liked the writing quite a bit!

Me: Thank you, at least I got that going for me then.

Dan: Has it sold well?

Me: Initially really well although slowed down now.  I think the concept of prose/comic confuses people and its one of those books you really do need to pick and read to get it. I like to call it the most unique book you will ever read.

Dan: I think its a great idea, and your transitories are great…

Me: Arigato, now the crux… The dance number man, the dance number!

Dan: Good stuff… I think you balanced the comedic and sureal with the slice-o-life quite well.

Me: I like to think there is a bit of Jack in all of us. But I couldn’t pass a 50’s camp Villain up like Doctor Dark and not have him break into song… Especially a song on how diabolical he is…

Dan: I got an ALAN MOORE in one of his breakdowns meets GRANT MORRISON in one of his acid flashbacks, meets HARVEY PEKAR in one of his delusions of grandeur kind of vibe…

Me: I’m flattered… I really am… If I hadn’t been pushed to hit the deadline I think I could of got more out of Bill Young to make the Dance number really jump. Still he hit it with the Giant Robot and the huge Exposition dump near the end. Okay hydrated and off to reassemble my boys bunk beds, thank you for your kind words Dan. I may quote you on them?

Dan: Feel free!

Me: Arigato!

There you have it, Dan Nokes liked the book and he isn’t one to mince words if he dislikes something. Now take the man on his word you can pick up Fabula Exposition in traditional book format or in eBook format for the eReader device of your choice here.

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