Inside the Box DCnU52 Special – Batgirl, Action Comics Justice League International & Stormwatch

Welcome to my Inside the Box DCnU52  Special as we peak inside the my comic box at my local comic store Chucks Comics. I only picked out a handful of the 13 DC #1 titles out this week to be honest from a collectors point of view it was hard not to grab them all off the rack. Anyhow, here is my mini-rundown of my pick of  DCnU52 books in the order I read them in what will stay? What will go? Read on and find out…

Batgirl #1 DCnU52Batgirl #1 – Gail Simone, Ardian Syaf & Vicente Cifuentes – I saw this book in preview form over on CBR, it was unlettered and the art looked gorgeous I knew then I just had to get it even if the story sucked; a first issue looking this nice is a must have. Luckily the story is written by Gail Simone, although I’ve never read anything she has wrote I was hearing good things about Secret Six. This book does not disappoint; a great introduction to the character, nicely paced action, a little something for the older reader who knows a little more about Barbara Gordon and realistic (and at times fun) dialog/inner monolog. All round very, very good solo hero book and will be in my box for the next issue. 

Justice League International #1 – Jurgens, Lopresti, Ryan – My second DCnU52 team book, I had fond memories of the first JLI book I picked up back in the 90’s and this new 52 #1 carries on with the same style. There is superhero action, team banter, old faces, new faces. My favorite so far is Godiva who is positively drooling over Booster Gold and gets the best line in the entire book (which I wont spoil for you). It is the spiritual descendant of the old JLI, there is enough here to make you want to come back for more which I will do. This is staying for now as I want to see if it holds together through the first arc and then my final judgement will be in.

Stormwatch #1 – Cornell, Sepulveda – This isn’t the Wildstorm Universe Stormwatch even though a lot of the characters will look familiar. There is a darker element to this book even if it jumped around a lot; in what seemed to be just be an exercise in introducing the characters. I don’t know about this book it wasn’t what I was expecting; it was like it was trying to hard to be edgy, while trying not to scare away any new readers and ended up being a little flat instead. I don’t know if there is a enough here to keep me coming back – I am going to pick up the next issue just so I can get an idea of direction but I’m not really that impressed by this book, more disappointed because it could of been so much more.

Action Comics #1 – Morrison, Morales, Bryant – Ermm… Ermm… Edgy young impetuous Superman who is more likely to leap into the action without thinking and this what this book is all about. This new Superman is manipulated into events as one action cascades into the next leading to an interesting finale. I found the writing confusing, it jumped around as a lot of story was crammed into these pages. I didn’t enjoy the art that much either, don’t get me wrong it was nice to look at, but like the writing it jumped around too. Sad to say this book will not be in my box next time around. I keep my impetuous Superman to my JL book instead. This one is a goner folks…

Static Shock #1 – McDaniel, Rozum, Glapion, Underwood – I got this book for nostalgia reasons only and picked it off the rack. I remember the Icon imprint and the rather well done animated series of this character. I am happy to report that the art, the writing and the general style all nods back to its roots; if you are fan of this unlikely hero then you will love this book. New teenage readers will love it too, Static is very much the Spidey of the DC universe and that works. Static Shock for me though was never going to be in my box, this was the first and last issue I was going to pick up. Long though may it live 🙂

Men of War #1 – Brandon, Derenick, Vankin, Winslade – The direct descendant of Sergeant Rock is the lead character of this book and he is recruited into a US Special Forces team. This is told from a boots on the ground perspective and as we go on this teams first mission, we get to see how things can get really messed up with a Superpowered supposed Hero gets involved. For the team it means the mission very quickly goes south and what was a highly planned stealth op turns into a fight for their lives as they just try to find an exit. I am intrigued by this concept and I want to see more. This book was an impulse dark horse pick and will be staying for at least the first arc.

That’s it for me, my budget only allowed for me to pick up six books from this weeks DCnU52 release of 13 – Batgirl was a winner on ever level, JLI is nice and there is enough there for me to stay for the first arc, Stormwatch was a disappointment, Action Comics well was a complete turn off for me, Static Shock was fun and Men of War was a complete surprise. Next week will see more team books, a few more impulse buys as I pick out what books will stay or go, and I will include all my Marvel books waiting to be read in next weeks Inside the Box as this week due to budget constraints they are waiting for me still inside my box. Did you know this was the first time in 17 years I picked up this many DC books at once? So far I’ve only been really disappointed by one title and that is good going. Now lets see if they can keep it up, eh?

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