Inside the Box – Captain America & Bucky, Justice League, Hellboy & Guarding the Globe

Captain America & Bucky #621Yay completed on time! My biweekly Inside the Box column returns with a glimpse in my comic box at my local comic books store Chucks Comics; one of the best place ever to get your books from and now the first store to stock my ground breaking graphic novel Fabula Zero Exposition on its shelves.  For that reason alone you should check them out. Now on with my column, lets take a look at my pile of books this week in the order that I read them in.

Captain America & Bucky #621 – Brubaker, Andreyko, Samnee & Breitweiser – The origins of Cap & Bucky are further explored as the team goes on their first missions. We get the first hints of Bucky’s darker nature and the opening reminded me a little of Death in the Family with Jason Todd. This is a good book, fun to read and I really like what they are doing exploring the origins of Bucky. A keeper until something really, really goes wrong. 

Justice League #1 – Johns, Lee & Williams – After all the hype the first book of the DCnU52 is here, you can read my full review here. I have the feeling the first 6 issues of this book are going to good, but after that it will fall off. Going to hang in there and see where it is going.

Secret Avengers #16Secret Avengers #16 – Ellis, McKelvie, Wilson – This book has a great cover, so good I have to show it to you again here in landscape fashion. The story itself is kind of odd like it was sourced from a script from the Avengers TV show in the UK, I half expect John Steed to show up. Nice character interactions, cheesy guns and humorous exchange between MoonKnight and Beast. Fun romp, pick it up and read it today 🙂

Transformers #24 – Costa, Roberts & Ramondelli – This book blows hot and cold, last issue we have an amazing dialog issue between Prime and Megatron. This one came across all confused again and the muddy artwork, although atmospheric didn’t help. I’ve heard a rumor that the current arc is last before IDW switch back to the Marvel continuity, I am kind of disappointed, but something needs to be done before this books really loses itself. Next issue we switch back to the Earth team and I’m holding out hope we see another good one.

Savage Dragon #173 – Larsen, Orzechowski, Koutus  & Toris – This one is no brainer, Savage Dragon is still one of the most solid Superhero books on the rack pick it up and keep it in your box.

Guarding the Globe #5 – Kirkman, Cereno & Getty – Did I miss something? I actually had to look at the last issue to see if the plot married up. It did, but still read as a confused mess and like something has been told that I have missed. Kind of iffy about this book that I initially picked up with high hopes to be a stonker. Next issue better pick up or its out the box.

Hellboy The Fury 2 of 3 – Mignola & Fegredo – The apocalypse is a coming, only Hellboy and the Once and Future King stand in its way. Sweeping action as the story races to its conclusion in the next issue. Huge slugfest between Hellboy and the Dragon that is leaving England devastated in its wake. I really should of picked up Hellboy a long time ago, there is so much here I’ve missed. Staying until the end.

Out of the box – this week saw the release of two Fear Itself mini-series that I had to remove from my box unseen. The Deep & Youth in Revolt are now gone. I’m done with spin off event books that go nowhere and Fear Itself has really broken the epic feel of events with me now. What is so wrong to have stand alone titles that tell good stories? I’m I so wrong just to want that?

That’s the end of my column for this week, we are one week away from the launch of the first wave of DCnU52 titles which will be interesting to pick through, see you all next time around…

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