Indie Review – Judas #1 & #2 written by Frank Miller, art and everything else by Asher Humm

Judas by Frank Miller & Asher HummJudas is an independent comic series that is starting to find its feet and appearing in local comic stores in Pennsylvania. It’s one of the many Indies I discovered at Baltimore Comic Con. Here is the synopsis for this book;  our hero Judas wakes up in a world he doesn’t recognize and has no memory of his past. All he knows is he’s called Judas and he is wearing a suit that gives him powers, but he cannot remove it. 

The first book is about Judas gathering himself together and making some new friends An evil scientist is trying to get him back using a mad scientist and his ninja monkeys. A fun fight follows with some strained banter; less talking more action would have suited the fight scene much better. A good fun issue and a promising start to the series. Plus you cannot really go wrong with any story that features Ninja monkeys, but I am getting away from myself here.

The second book we learn a little more about Judas’ world and the hunter killer robot known as the BOX is dispatched to hunt him down. New characters are added which confuses the story a little bit and I sense a little inside humor in this book. The fight between Judas and the BOX is good, nice dynamic and easy following panels make up for the writing issues.

I’ve only read the first two books of Judas; the third is still in production. The story itself is a little quirky and tries a little too hard to be humorous for that sake of being humorous. I loved the abstract nature of some of the setups and the pacing kept you turning the page. The writing in places felt clumsy and as I mentioned before seemed to be referencing inside jokes, which don’t always work. A saving grace of the series is the artwork; the artist Asher Humm does a great job of catching the off-kilter world of Judas, with strong inks and a cartoon style that fits the style of the story.

Overall a good indie title, writing needs a little tidying up, but the artwork is dynamic and punches out of the page.

3 and Thumbs up out of 5

Asher Humm is the artist who’s art graces the Exposition Broadsheet Comic – Ninja Fight.  To learn more about Judas & Asher Humm click here to view his Deviant Art Page You can pick up your copy of Judas at Comixpress here.

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