Fairly Anti-Climatic Hurricane Irene – Wind, rain & an indoor water feature right here in Baltimore

Hurricane Irene - NCR TrailI have to say for me Hurricane Irene was fairly anti-climatic, I think it helped that the eye swerved slightly to the right and only sideswiped Maryland. Not to say it wasn’t wild at times,  we did catch a lot of rain and the wind was fairly nutty. Hurricane Irene falling trees in EssexWe only had two minor emergencies, the sump pump blocked up which lead to a ten minute pretty disgusting degunking to get our ancient pump to work again. Then we  had a minor bit of flooding as the external basement steps flooded and added a minor indoor water feature to our basement; which I saved using an improvised barricade of old boxes and paint tins – redirecting the mighty flow direct into our sump pump well.

I know my experience wasn’t typical of this storm, and many people had a much more wild time of it than we did. From all the reports as state we got very lucky. To check out pictures from all over the state you can pick up CBS’s Gallery here.

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