Indie Review – Adam & Eve Bizarre Love Triangle in the Zombie Apocalypse by Dan Nokes

Adam & Eve Bizarre Love Triangle in the Zombie ApocalypseAdam & Eve Bizarre Love Triangle in the Zombie Apocalypse, Vol.1 Post Armageddon Underground Bunker Blues is the latest offering by Dan Nokes of 21st Century Sandshark Studios, and I think its his best book yet.

The story is about Adam Jenkins, his genetically enhanced dog, a surely sentient land scooter out in search of true love and romance in the undead wasteland. They are the only survivors of a underground bunker complex designed to hold the best of the best until the end of a Zombie Apocalypse. In typical end of the world fashion the virus follows these survivors underground and through a process of brutal elimination after 2 years only Adam is left alive (by default of being a total coward), with aforementioned companions and his now-zombie girlfriend Lilith. This odd status quo remains for seven years until Adam receives an email from a girl named Eve; finally he is stirred into action to leave the safety of his bunker and seek Eve out.  From there the story really begins… Dan has a unique art style with scratchy inks, this is the first time I’ve seen him make extensive use of ink washes to his pages which adds a wonderful dimension to the page. It is still quirky but it fits his story telling style, the panels aren’t crowded and you can easily follow the dialog. The story is a lot of fun, this first volume is over 100 pages and I read it one sitting, I enjoyed the humor and kept turning the page to find out what happened next. The book itself is a nice manga size just like his Paranormals series and you see a lot of the lessons learned in Pistoleers throughout the book, the images are more consistent and the panels are more dynamic than anything he has done before.

There are a couple of things I found odd, throughout the book the font size changed and gradually got smaller, making a couple of pages harder to read than they should have been, then for no reason the text returned to its normal size. Plus some of the text in the word balloons kind of broke out of their boundaries and blended into the background. I also wanted to see more vistas of the apocalyptic world that Adam finds himself in and one of the characters introduced later in the book does talk in the same voice as Adam.

In all a good indie book and a page turning entertaining read that I will recommend to anyone; Dan has created a nice story here and has worked hard to bring you his best art yet. Check out Adam & Eve Bizarre Love Triangle in the Zombie Apocalypse a fine example of what a good indie can produce here.  My final indie book rating is below.

3.5 thumbs up out of 5

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