DC Fifty TOO! The alternate DCNu52 cover project, check out the Batgirl & Supergirl World Finest Cover

The Worlds Finest - Batgirl & Supergirl from DC Fifty Too!Yes we have all been getting excited by the new DCNu52 covers, but how many of you know about DC Fifty Too? This project featuring the cream of indie artists with alternative look at the DCNu52 covers. The wonderful take on the Worlds Finest book (above) featuring Batgirl & Supergirl was drawn by Mike Maichack with fun synopsis in mind.

“Can the same blonde-haired, wonder teen from Metropolis who helped Barbara Gordon finally put an end to Killer Moth’s week-long crime spree also be the new popular transfer student at Gotham High? Good thing they have superheroics in common because Babs’ and Kara Zor-El’s student lives are about to clash.”

To check out more Project Fifty Too covers check out the blog here.
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