The Big Bad Baltimore Earthquake Hon! My tale of epic survival against all the odds…

Did you feel it? I did… Now I get to tell my little Earthquake survival story. I was sitting in my office chair on the 13th floor of the WTC when the big bad Baltimore Earthquake hit, 5.8 straight through my chair while talking to Jean. I initially thought it was a wind gust or the gas cylinder in the chair I was in went. Then the shaking continued; I started to bounce around the floor and there was no way I was going to stay in an office block while this was going on. I think I cleared the building in about five minutes which is pretty impressive for 13 floors.  

In typical fashion the cellphone network went to crap, although I managed to keep Jean on the line long enough to let her know I out the building and then I looked after a colleague who was suffering from chest pains.  With no way to contact Jean directly I sent a couple of tweets as my phone managed to snag a Edge connection to let everyone know I was okay. Only took me two hours to drive out of the city or which 40 minutes were spent getting out of the parking garage, a gigantic concrete building which I really didn’t want to be in that soon after an earthquake.

Thankfully from all the reports I’ve been reading the damage has been relatively light and very few reported serious injuries. Very glad to be home, extremely happy to hear my kids are okay as well. Now we just have the weekend Hurricane to look forward too, eh?

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