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Alpha Flight #3Yes I know this is very, very late… My apologies I did read all my books from my box at Chucks Comics last week, however I was at Baltimore Comic con debuting Fabula Zero Exposition; so time got a little compressed. However here is my bi-weekly Inside the Box column presented in the order I read my books. What will stay what will go? Read on and find out…

Alpha Flight 3 of 8  – Fear Itself  Tie In – Van Lente, Pak, Eaglesham, Hennessy, Oback – Another great installment in what is turning into the best mini-series I’ve read this year. Alpha Flight finds itself on the run as Unity starts to form Alpha Strike to take them down. This book is really hanging together and hitting all the right buttons. I think it helps that I know nothing about any of these characters which adds to the sense of peril, because I really don’t know who will live and who will survive. I am a believer though… Canada’s Premium Superhero Team is rocking… So, yes this book is a keeper.

The New Avengers #15 – Fear Itself Tie On – Bendis, Deodato, Beredo – I have to say this first and get it out of my system. I know Bendis is famous for his talking heads narrative, but what is this now? The third or fourth issue that has used this to push the narrative? Getting old now… Anyhow, this book focuses on Squirrel Girl and this comically powered super heroine kicks ass throughout this book. No nonsense superheroics from the Great Lakes Avenger, as she takes on Wolverine and the Mechs of Sin. Fun story with heroics a plenty from the most unexpected source, now who wants to see a Squirrel Girl Mini-series? Another Keeper!

Avengers #16 – Fear Itself Tie In – Bendis, Romita, Janson, Mounts – Yes more talking heads! Do I need to say anymore? Steve Rogers with his Avenging Angels follow a lead that might lead the super solider to Bucky’s Killer (finally his death is acknowledged outside of the Fear Itself book). With Maria Hill, Sharon Carter and Victoria Hand the Super Soldier storms the castle which turns predictably into a trap. Talking heads aside it was a fun little story.  No reason to remove the book at all, less talking heads please?

Avengers Academy #18 – Fear Itself Tie In – Gage, Di Vito, Cox – The kids are home alone and two of the worthy have come a knocking. Out powered the kids turn to their wits to survive and actually do good. Sadly even smarts is not enough to take out a Worthy, so things go from bad to worse. Nice ramp up of tension as the Infinite Mansion starts to breakout of its dimension and you know things are just about to get worse now. A great example of a good team book and I’m staying to the bitter end.

Fear Itself The Home Front 5 of 7 – Numerous Creators – I’m only reading this for the Speedball story, if it wasn’t for those seven pages this book would be a huge miss like most of the Fear Itself mini-series.

Thunderbolts #162 – Fear Itself – Parker, De Landro, Southworth, Martin, D’Auria – This book is firing on all cylinders and is still the best regular series tie in this event. The A-Team is still combating the threat to Chicago, while the B-Team finally takes this moment to escape taking the entire Thunderbolts tower with them. I cannot tell you how much I am loving this book, the more Cage stays away the better the Thunderbolts teams are, a definite keeper.

Fear Itself Book #5 – Faction, Immonen, Von Grawbridge, Martin – Thor kicks the Worthy Thing and the Hulk Things ass. All of this is too little, much too late… Staying because we are almost at the end and in the hope we get a good payoff. Which isn’t a good sign for an event book, can you say event fatigue?

Captain America #2 – Brubaker, McNiven, Lesiten, Ponsor – Intriguing story as we learn a little more about how an old friend from WWII is still alive and the mysterious Nowhereland. I feel like I am stepping into Golden era stuff here and its never felt fresher in Brubaker’s hands. Beautiful art, great story Captain America has some serious legs on it and another keeper.

Captain America Corps 3 of 5 – Stern, Briones, Milla – I think the writers figured it out that the only reason we keep coming back to this book is because of the US Agent, as this issue we see the events from his point of view. What I first thought was going to be a multiverse book is turning into beat the villains from the future that are posing as heroes standard story. Is this the threat? The disappearance of Cap’s across time is causing a dystopian future because he wasn’t there to keep the Avengers together? Love the Agent in this book, premise has kind of lost the plot, but its a fun superhero caper. Staying until the end.

The Red Wing 2 of 4 – Hickman, Pitarra, Rosenberg – The world of Red Wing is slowly revealing itself as we track the stories of Father and Son across time. As they battle to save the future, by fighting in our past. I am enjoying this tale, kind of confused by what is going on, but that is timey, whimey for you. Still a keeper 🙂

Vengeance 2 of 6 – Casey, Dragotta, Simpson – When I looked at this book in my box I had no memory of reading this or if I had decided if I was going to keep it or not. We are certainly dredging the bottoms and the sides of the Marvel universe with the characters that are appearing in this tale. However I am enjoying the writing there is a direction everything is going on and its fun. I’ll give it one more issue then I will pass judgement on this book.

That’s it for this Biweekly column, next time I will have my hands on the first of DCNu52 titles and we will start seeing some comings and goings again. I am sadly very disappointed by the entire Fear Itself event, nothing in it seems to matter or is passed over with no repercussions into the main titles. Last year Siege had me popping in every book, this one seems to be a huge mess that leave me with no faith it will pull itself together by the big finish. Is it so wrong just to want titles that tell a good solid story without the use of events?

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