Hurricane Irene coming to Baltimore this weekend!!!

Hurricane Irene UpdateShe’s big, she’s angry and she’s coming to Baltimore this weekend!!! If you’ve not seen the weather report we are looking at a Cat1 Hurricane and its aiming right at us.  Since we don’t have Captain Avenger or Atlasman around to stop it as part of my public awareness blog post I recommend if you are in the storms path to do the following.

  1. Monitor your local weather channel this weekend, get a radio to do this you will lose cellphone reception before you lose on old-fashioned battery radio signal. Cellphone towers do have their own generators, but running times will be limited.
  2. If you are being evacuated it is for a very good reason… So go!
  3. Pack up valuables (comicbooks) and move them to higher ground (ie upstairs).
  4. Secure any loose items outside like BBQ, flower pots, garbage cans etc…
  5. Fill up containers with water in case you lose this utility. One gallon a day, keep them in the bathtub. If you can get some ice place in the same area.
  6. Pick up non-perishable food ie canned goods or hydrated food (rama) enough to last 2-3 days.
  7. Keep at least a half tank of gas in your vehicle.
  8. Prepare an escape plan, pack an evacuation bag make sure everyone in your household knows what to do.
  9. Buy a lot of old leather so you can fashion cool post-flood clothing to reenact your own much better version of Waterworld.
  10. Unclog drains and gutters, it will help the water drain faster and make your home less prone to flooding.
  11. If you own an eReader order all my novels for your reading pleasure during this extreme weather event.
  12. Click this link for full list of what you should do to prepare for this Hurricane.
  13. If you are in Maryland here is the link to Maryland Emergency Management Agency website.
  14. A good interactive map showing you up to date predictions of where Hurricane Irene is going to hit can be found here.
  15. The Weather Channel Severe Weather Alerts broke down by county/city can be found here – Bookmark as it is constantly updated

Note, I’ve not said anything about buying toilet paper and milk as this isn’t snow. I do still suspect that this Hurricane will still blow itself into a Tropical storm, but we all remember what Isabel did at that level to this city with the extensive flooding and power outages. Even at tropical storm strength this is a huge system almost 500 miles in length so we are going to be hit continuously for the next 12-18 hours. Now be safe, pick up a couple of books from your favorite local author and keep a weather eye out.

[Update 08/27/2011 – Add link to The Weather Channel severe weather warning page for Maryland. As predicted the storm is Tropical Storm level – not to be sniffed at but not as worrying as full strength hurricane, so I’ve added storm size to this post. Everyone stay safe.]

[Update 08/26/2011 – Added link to interactive Hurricane Irene map that indicates predicated cone area, storm surges and potential flood plains. Added link to the Maryland Emergency Management Agency. More advise added to secure your property. Changed the category listing from 2 to 1 and removed the following text; to give you an idea Cat2 is the Hurricane strength that flattened most of Galveston in Texas two years ago.]

[Update 08/25/2011 – This post was made partially in jest, with a little practical information thrown in; but in the last few days is the highest ranking post on my blog and I’m getting traffic from all over MD, PA, VA & NY. I’ve since added more information, a link to a Hurricane Prep list, changed the Category listing from 3 to 2 and updated the map.]

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