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Thunderbolts 161Welcome to another Inside the Box column, the bi-weekly look inside my comic box from my local comic book store Chucks Comics. Now I am aware that this column is a little late for that I am sorry, but I was finishing off my own Graphic Novel Fabula Zero Exposition for Baltimore Comic Con. Now that is out of the way and off to the printers I finally got chance to read through my stack of books. Now lets takes a look at what will stay and what will go, presented in the order I read them in.

Thunderbolts #161 – Fear Itself Tie-In – Parker, Shalvey & Martin – At this moment this book is on fire and the only regular title book that is doing a great job tying in the Fear Itself event, and advancing its own story line. Adding the B-Team to this book brings us a nice side-story while the A-Team is getting its butt kicked around saving Chicag0 from Juggernaut know as the Worthy Kuurth. Nice action, nice plot developments and an interesting twist at the end, which involves Fixer and his mysterious contact. Of course this book is staying in my box.

Avengers Academy #16 #17 – Fear Itself Tie-In – Gage, Raney, Hennessy & Cox – I got these two issues back to back which is unusually and normally a sign that Marvel are accelerating the story line to either dump the book, or relaunch it. The kids of Avenger Academy are thrown into the defense of Washington DC, and literally are confronted with kill or be killed situations. Pym is fighting off the absorbing man and in typical Pym fashion using scientific trickery to dispatch him. We see the aftermath of the Kids actions as they try to sort it out without the help of facility and the infinite mansion is invaded. All of this should lead up to a nice finale and I sense we are going to lose a couple of characters in the next issue. A surprise stay, but I think we are nearing the end here.

Secret Avengers – Fear Itself Tie In – Spencer, Eaton, Mendoza & D’Armata – There is so much dialog in this book I checked the cover to see if Bendis was attached to it. The story is Black Widow dealing with the death of Bucky (finally made it into mainstream book so it must be true now) by raiding a Superhero tabloid office that mentions they saw Captain America alive. What follows is an examination of mortality between superheroes and ordinary people which actually was fairly good read. Still remains a keeper.

Captain America & Bucky #620 – Brubaker, Andreybo, Samnee & Breitweiser – This is the new Captain America book based on the old Captain America numbering. The idea of this book is to follow the adventures of Cap & Bucky during WWII basically making it an origin series. The tale starts by exploring Bucky’s back story, how he ended up orphaned and at Camp LeHigh. Nicely done, but I didn’t think Brubaker would drop the ball on this. Looking forward to seeing the next issue in my box.

Ultimate Fallout Spider-man No More #2, #3, #4 – Numerous Creators – The purpose of Fallout is to relaunch the Ultimate universe, so the device of death of Peter Parker is used to show the changes that are happening and what we can expect. Really if you are following the story of the Parker family grieving over the death of Peter you don’t need to go any further than issue #2, which delivers another well done emotion punch. Issue #3 is kind of disappointing and Issue #4 is really dedicated to the new Spider-man; who if you’ve not read the news is black/latino and I hope doesn’t turn into a blank to reuse the old Peter stories on. I think I’m done with this series now, its going to take a lot for me to care about the Ultimate universe and the last hook Peter Parker is gone.

Red Skull Incarnate 2 of 5 – Pak, Colak & Wilson – It is hard to explain this book, this is story of one of the most evil villains in the Marvel universe and watching his descent from innocent to psychopath is horrifyingly fascinating. This book is working on so many levels you just can’t tear yourself away from the story. If you are looking for a good mature story then pick this up its a keeper.

S.H.I.E.L.D #2 – Hickman, Weaver & OBack – Ermm… Ermm… Ermm… The story over the first volume started out great and this issue from the second volume is just plain odd. You get to witness modern Marvel cyborg technology in the Renaissance and a story that jumps time periods very other page leaving you a little confused. Hoping that this setting us up and it will deliver the wonder that the first volume of SHIELD gave us.

Captain America CORPS 2 of 5 – Stern, Briones & Milla – We finally get to see all the Caps and US Agent in action and it was a fun ride. You forget sometimes just efficient the Caps are and how well they fight. I would like to add I am really enjoying US Agent in this book. Although I’m not sure how they are going to tie in the multi-verse Cap deaths into this dystopia future which has so much Cap imagery in it as that seems counter to the whole universe in peril thing. At the moment I’m staying around just for US Agent.

Savage Dragon #172 – Larsen, Orzechoivski, Koutsis & Toris – A consistently good solid comic book that delivers every month. You can see the plot for the new story building as Malcolm is still dealing with the fallout from the death of his father, and losing control of his own powers resulting in the death of Warren Terror. We also seem to be  looking at a possible invasion from Mr Glum in Dimension X, everything is bubbling along nicely and we get a backup tale featuring Vanguard. This book is going to have to do something major for me to kick out of my box.

Kirby Genesis #2 – Busiek, Ross & Herbert – Quick segway here, this book is all about Kirby’s Legacy and if you want it to be remembered then this is best way to do it, you can read more about my thoughts on the Marvel boycott here. Now this story continues to explore the sudden appearance of Superheroes, Gods and beings from another world on Earth. Everything is now falling apart and Kirby is now racing to save Bobbi from her procession by the Black Swan. We get another fourth wall break here with Bobbi’s father explains the relationship between Kirby and his daughter – which was cute, but we really didn’t need the obvious explained to us. We encounter new beings and I hope we don’t got into character overload here. Beautiful art, a story that appears to be struggling to contain everything and it is my hope that it all keeps together.  Until it all falls apart its staying.

The Worthy – Fear Itself One Shot – Secret Origins of the Hammer-Wielders Revealed… For a moment I thought we were going to learn about the origins of hammer and the demons they contain. But you don’t this is the origins of the worthy before they were the worthy. The Juggernaut story is a good read… Apart from that this is another crap and very pointless Fear Itself book. I don’t recommend getting this unless you looking to complete the event set.

Moon Knight #4 – Bendis, Maleev & Wilson – I put this book at the bottom of my stack I really didn’t want to read this because I’m so afraid its going to turn into crap. I finally figured this book out, it is trying to be a mature story dealing with superhero interactions, and we are now seeing a Moon Knight tale after the mess the first three issues gave us. The character interaction between Mark’s persona’s was spot on and seeing him fight as Moon Knight, while taking the advice of Cap, Spidey & Wolverine, instead of trying to be them worked so much better. Somehow this book has clawed its way back from being thrown disgusted away from my box, still going issue to issue though.

That’s it for now, at the moment I’ve weeded the really bad books from my box so not too much movement especially now I’ve dropped all the Fear Itself one-shot series because frankly with the exception of the Spider-man it has been nothing but one long drawn out disappointment. At the end of this month we start to seeing the DC relaunch with Justice League #1 on August 31st and I have a few DC team titles lined for my box so there will be a glut of movement in that month. Now enjoy your books 🙂

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