Sorry the Alt-World website is not a gateway to the Ghost Whisperer Altworld-2 game

Jennifer Love Hewitt - The Ghost Whisperer

The past few weeks I’ve been baffled by a sudden upturn in registrations for my website, after all I generally post comic related news that I find cool, and talk about my life, books, and the occasional opinion piece about the current state of the world. It wasn’t until last night after a bizarre email exchange with a newly registered user the reason why I’ve been getting this storm of brand new sign-ups. Here is the email exchange below – with New User identity protected of course.

New UserHave a few ?’s
1. Is this safe? and 2. Is it free? 3.Can i change my password please???

Me  –
1. It is as safe but this is the internet so don’t share your password.
2. Yes it is free.
3. You can change your password in your profile when you login.

Odd exchange, maybe this new user is a fan of my books? Or has followed me over here from my Games Workshop days? The return email was extremely enlightening.

New User – okay but is it like the one on ghost whisperer or am i just insane can you basically play games

Me – Sorry this is a common mistake. My website has nothing to do with the Ghost Whisperer TV show as this previously posted article explains. While you are here though please takes a look around 🙂

So there you have it, I’m still be haunted (no pun intended… Honest) by the Ghost Whisperer Altworld-2 episode. It has been about two-three years since the original episode aired on CBS so I guess I’m finally getting the traffic from syndication and re-runs.

Yes I feel kind of deflated that it wasn’t my work that got the glut of these new registrants over here. I am happy that it was no intention of deception or SEO trafficking on my part, although the Jennifer Love Hewitt pic should get some more hits… Cue cynical Bwah ha!  I’ve owned and operated this domain for over seven years now, and it has always been a record (although evolving one) of all my creative endeavors both on and offline.

I am sorry to everyone who signed up expecting something and the website not delivering on it. Alt-World is not affiliated, nor has anything to do with the Altworld2 game as featured on the Ghost Whisperer; although with all the traffic spikes and interesting email it generates I should at least got a free Jennifer Love Hewitt autograph picture by now!!! (You reading this Jen?) I’m just indie author, web designer and struggling traditional games designer.

Sorry… Now you are here though please explore my website and be gentle with the Earth and have a good one 😉

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