Inside the Box – Captain America #1, Shinku, Alpha Flight, Red Wing and Ultimate Fallout

Captain America Relaunch CoverWelcome to my bi-weekly look into my comic box at my local comic book store Chuck’s Comics. As ever I had two weeks worth of books waiting for me to read and judge worthy to stay in my box. The last couple of weeks has seen some interesting new releases and continuance of new series that hooked me with the first issue. So lets take a look at my books in the order I read them in.

Captain America #1 – Brubaker & McNiven – Captain America begins again and Steve has put the mask back on (just in time for the movie). Good solid opening story as an old menace from Cap’s past appears. The book works well as an reintroduction of the Cap to first time readers as we step into his world. I would of loved to see a resolution to Bucky’s death, but like Fear Itself is it possible it feels like a non-event? Anyhow, its going to take a lot for this book to be removed from my box.

Alpha Flight 2 of 8 – Fear Itself Tie In – Van Lente, Pak, Eaglesham, Hennessy, OBack – Still firing on all cylinders and the best team book on the rack at the moment. Alpha Flight gets taken down, we learn a little more about Vindicators motivations why she joined Unity and we see the return of Puck – who is loopy as a loopy thing that is very loopy. I cannot recommend this book enough and it remains in my box.

Avengers #15 – Fear Itself Tie In – Bendis, Bachalo – Talking heads talking about an event that has already happened to build a sense of  foreboding. Didn’t they do this in the last issue? I did like the cuts in dialogue between all the characters, and we see some action as Spider-Woman goes toe-to-toe with the Hulk. It was too little action and maybe too much talking. Still no reason to remove it and a good superhero yarn.

The New Avengers #14 – Fear Itself Tie In – Bendis, Deodato, Beredo – Talking Heads talking about an event that has already happened to build a sense of foreboding. Hang on? Didn’t that happen in the other Avengers book? Ermm… Some surprise news as Spidey goes all FF and leaves the team. Bobbi (Mockingbird) tests out the effects of being injected with a super-soldier serum and takes down an exo-skeleton mech thing by herself. Action felt a little muddled and did we need talking heads as plot device again? Fun seeing Bobbi jump around, Spidey quitting was well done and we can only go up from here once Fear Itself is done. This book is staying put, but less talking heads please?

Shinku #2 – Marz, Moder, Waite, Atiyeh – The anime Vampire hunting action continues in this book as Shinku infiltrates her enemies hideout and things get bloody fast. Shinku is cold and emotionless, Davis (the american comical side kick) feels out of place as I still trying to figure out why he is staying with her. We learn a little more about Shinku’s ancestors and a tradition she aims to pass on. I enjoyed it, visually very nice and solid pacing. Stays in the box.

Spider-man 3 of 3 – Fear Itself Mini Series – This has been the most solid and well done mini-series tie in I’ve read to date. The actions of Spidey actually felt like they mattered in the event he is caught up in and all the motivations are real. For all his indecision the web-slinger goes one on one with the Worthy Thing, doing what Spidey does best, protecting the weak. Well written, nice artwork and a realistic thought out arc that worked within this screwed up Fear Itself framework. This was worth keeping in the box search it out.

The Red Wing 1 of 4 – Hickman, Pitarra – Time traveling is the new way of raging war, as the pilots of Red Wing take on an unnamed enemy to save mankind through the ages. Hickman gives us a good grounding in what is going on and Pitarra’s artwork is really nice. Even though I don’t agree with the whole no paradox approach this tale has only just begun and I think its going to get good. Get this book and put it in your box.

Ultimate Fallout #1 – Bendis, Bagley, Lanning, Ponsor, Martin – You will never believe a comic book would move you, but this one will. There is one moment in this book that will give you that ole’Yellow Bambi lost his mother feeling. This is what story telling in comic books should be and I hope it all stays together through this final tour of what the Ultimate universe really should of been. Well done, heart wrenching and will leave you going wow. I am going to cherry pick this mini-series just out of fear it could so easily go off track. Not in the box, just pulling it direct from the rack.

Fear Itself – The Home Front 4 of 7 – I’m just getting this for the Speed Ball story at the beginning which I am really enjoying, without that this Fear Itself tie in would of been a miss.

Transformers #22 – Roberts, Milne – Now this is what I’ve been waiting for. After two issues of confusing story telling we get a character driven piece as Optimus and Megatron get the bottom of why they have been fighting for so long. Gripping, well done and added a new layer to the Transformers mytho’ s that was long missing. I don’t think this is going to keep up, but this one is why I keep this book in my box.

No real stinkers this week, nothing that is teetering on the line of being removed. The awful Deadpool and Fearsome Four Fear Itself tie in I’ve removed from my box, and I am really approaching each tie in book with trepidation. Something has gone wrong with this event and I don’t think its going to find its feet again.

Well that’s it for now, we take a look inside my box in a two weeks from now.

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