First Look – Dredd the movie promo pictures featuring Judge Dredd and his Lawmaster

Karl Urban Judge DreddI think I might be the only one who thought the Stallone Judge Dredd movie actually wasn’t that bad, they certainly got the look and scale of Mega City One right, just a shame everything else went to crap. Now we have reboot and the movie just called Dredd and starring Karl Urban as the legendary Judge Dredd. I’ve been looking at the online set pics and other promotional pictures (like the one above), and it looks like they’ve given the movie a noir gritty urban 5 minutes into the future look; which in the case  of Judge Dredd I think will work just fine. Remember not all adaptations have to be literal, they just have to capture the tone and feel. Anyhow check out the rest of the Judge Dredd pictures, including first look at the Lawmaster after the jump.

Judge Dredd with his Lawgiver

Mega City One Justice Department Lawmaster
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