Why I like Captain America and what he represents to me

Captain AmericaI’ve been asked if you are from England why do you like Captain America? That question is not easy to answer, nor could I ever give one that would satisfy everyone who will read it. It is what Cap or I should more correctly say Steve Rogers represents, a nobility, a kindness and devotion to an ideal of what this country, what we all can be. To be great, to be a beacon of light in the darkness.

Don’t ever confuse the Captain’s kindness with weakness, he has a steely nerve and is hard when the need calls for it, he is after all a Soldier, although quiet and unassuming in his role as one.  Captain America is not right wing, he isn’t left wing, he isn’t a political or a representative of the process. He is loyal, brave, honest, the holder of the American Dream, a representation of personal freedom, the symbol of what we can all be. This is what he protects, this is what he expects in us all, no matter what color, what creed… To be the best that we can be and to help each other up if we fall. To uphold our right to freedom and to live without fear. This is what Captain America is to me.

I wish I could say I’ve lived to all these ideals, but we are all flawed. Everyday though I try to be the best that I can be. We must constantly strive to move onwards, to better ourselves no matter what life throws at us; we are all on the greatest adventure ever and we must meet it with our heads held high. Thank you for listening, be gentle with the earth now.

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