The Wonder Tales #7 The Princesss Archer is available now on the Kindle, Nook and Smashwords

The Wonder Tales 7 The Princess ArcherVery happy to announce the seventh story in The Wonder Tales series – The Princess Archer now released as an eBook for the Kindle, Nook and in multiple eReader formats over on Smashwords.

The Princess Archer
by Nick Davis – The Wonder Tale #7

The Princess Gwendolyn is as kind as she is graceful, with emerald eyes and bushy red hair. Sent by her father to marry the King of the Coastal Kingdom. Her procession is betrayed and ambushed in the Tangled Woods. Saved by her secret Guardians, then helped by the Archer and his Horse Keshi. The Princess begins an adventure that will take her to a distant land far, far away…

The Princess Archer available for $0.99 in eBook format on the Apple iBookstore, KindleNook, Kobo and Smashwords Multi eReader Formats.

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