My thoughts on the Fear Itself event and preview of issue #5 Do you fear Marvel has lost the plot?

Fear Itself Captain America Promo ImageI was asked via email what my problem was with Fear Itself. I wish it was a simple answer but it isn’t. I think it comes down to vapid plot over character, with a incoherent event book and the Spider-Island previews prove this event really does not matter a damn in the Marvel universe.

Since then I stumbled-upon the preview of the first five pages of Fear Itself #5. Now I’m questioning if I should even pick it up. Check out this preview over on Bleeding Cool News by clicking this link –

Yeah… That’s right it’s hammer time… Normally this would excite me, but it doesn’t. I should not be feeling this way about an Comic Event book; I should be excited by Fear Itself not bored. The book is going for shock over story and is turning into Marvel’s 616 Ultimatum. How long before the Blob eats someone just to get that extra sale? Look how well that turned out for the Ultimate universe in the end, effective that event almost killed an entire line of books.

What happened to stand alone books that tell a good story? Why is The Thunderbolts and Alpha Flight the only two with a decent tie-in story that actually makes sense? I got a message from Alliance Comics saying they feel Fraction can pull it all together by the end, but since the entire story has devolved into an incoherent mess I don’t know if he can. This story is so fractured, the event book done in a snapshot style it will take something major to pull that off. More than just Ironman hitting the bottle again and some nonsensical Odin razzle dazzle…

I guess Fear Itself is just collapsing under its own weight, the plot seems to be half thought out and far too many tie in books (why Howard the Duck?). I should know what is going on just by reading the Event book, not picking up the other 50+ titles published every month by Marvel just to follow the plot; talk about going after the readers money. Even if I can stomach this event long enough to get all the Event books I have a horrible feeling it will only make sense if I read it backwards!

I cannot be the only one feeling this way about Fear Itself? Can I? The last few summer Marvel events actually raised my expectations. They all linked together to form a long plot story that made sense and gave us an amazing pay off at the end. I cheered at the end of Siege with the Heroes finally being able to stand tall again.  Now I don’t want anything to do with them, I hear the word Comic Crossover Event and actually cringe… Is that the Fear Itself?

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