A Day of Book Signing at Chucks Comics Hoo Haa Day

Nick looking all serious and author likeToday was a good day for Alt-World and myself as I took all three of my main titles to Chucks Comics as the Captain himself invited me to conduct a book signing, and I gladly accepted. I took both current titles of The Tether Saga and the first volume of The Wonder Tales, to be honest I didn’t expect much, selling prose books at a comic event is always hard work.

I was placed next to the boys from Heritage HSQ Comics, a two-man creative team that have pumped out some cool titles, what makes them even more amazing is one of them is legally blind! The day went really well, The Wonder Tales was a unexpected hit, who knew comic book readers had a soft spot for all ages fairy tales? I tried out my new prices for all titles package price as an experiment and it brings hope for Baltimore Comic Con.

One of the most interesting and fun parts of the day was talking about Exposition, the first book in the Fabula range, just talking about this book got me more excited about it. I feel its going to be my best story to date and I cannot wait to show you all, so look for the preview coming soon!

In all this was a good day and I want to thank Forsaken comics for showing me some great concepts, the boys from Heritage HSQ for being simply too cool beyond words, my wife for keeping me focused throughout the day, my daughter for selling like crazy (its in the family genes) and lastly Captain Chuck himself for inviting me in taking part in his 22nd Anniversary Party. Thank you all.

For those of you that are interested check out this article on Essex Patch about Chucks Comics 22nd Anniversary.

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