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Welcome to a new addition of Inside the Box, where you get to see what books I keep and what books I dump from my Box at my local comic book store Chucks Comics. This seems to be turning into a bi-monthly column so the following is a breakdown of two weeks worth of books; presented in the order I read them in.

Red Skull Incarnate 1 of 6 – Pak, Colak, Aja – This book is every bit as chilling and as disturbing as you expect it to be. You can read my full review here. I can see this title just getting better and will be staying in the box until series end

Fear Itself Book Four – Fraction, Immonen, Von Grawbadger, Martin – This is Marvel’s big event book and really all it is one or two pages devoted to part of the story that will appear in a spin-off or regular title book. The value of this book as a stand alone has dropped significantly in my eyes. After the huge Frak up that was Bucky’s death last issue, (screwing up a much better storyline in a much better planned book for the sake or nothing more than shock), with poor art that changed the location of Bucky’s cybernetic arm depending on the panel, I’m questioning this entire event. In end will anything really happen that will matter? The fractured story structure doesn’t help at all and why is Steve Rogers wearing a green helmet but then has a special Cap parachute like the bad 80’s Cap movie? Still in the box because its the Marvel event after this one though I’m going to be questioning if I will bother with the next one.

Thunderbolts #160 – Fear Itself Tie In – Parker, Shalvey, Martin – This book is firing on all cylinders and along with the Spiderman title are showing the rest of the books how to do a tie in, and continue the main story. The more Luke Cage stays away from the Thunderbolts the more I like them as a team. The interaction among the villains is spot on with everyone having there own motives for staying on now Thunderbolt tower is a mess. To add the cherry on top of a near perfect book, we have a fight against the Worthy Juggernaut, which is both impressive, slightly comical and chilling all at the same time. Rarely do I read a book that I feel really disappointed when  I get to the end and this book has three false endings that does leave you screaming for more. This book is a keeper and your missing out if you are not getting it.

Super Dinosaur – Kirkman, Howard – This book is just plain good old fashioned fun and the only book that my son also reads and enjoys. Still going strong and we are seeing more of SD suits including a flying one.  I predict a betrayal from inside the Dynamo Dome a coming. This is a pure Saturday morning cartoon waiting to happen and still in the box.

Godzilla – Kingdom of Monsters – Powell, Marsh, Hester – This book is a pure guilty pleasure nothing much to it except the Monsters tearing at the each other and the landscape, with the humans stuck in the middle. I do kind of wish we had a human side story going on just like the Godzilla movies, and there are plot holes a plenty.  Staying because I have a soft side of big monsters.

Fear Itself – The Black Widow – Bunn, Nguyen, Yeung, Hamscher, Gandini – This would be a good espionage story without the Fear Itself backdrop and I cannot escape the feeling they shoe horned the event story line into it. What the story does is show just how effective the Widow is as a Super-Agent, what it doesn’t do is anything for the Fear Itself story line. It is a fairly good story I would of ignored it without the event tag because I’m not a big enough fan of the Widow to look at her titles. Take a look if you see it on the rack.

Transformers #21 – Costa, Guidi, Cahill – Nothing in this book is making any sense its like half the story is in another hidden book inside this issue. We are treated to some exposition from Vector Sigma that kind of holds the tale together, but it is fracturing fast and Skywatch has been totally written off as an effective force? I’m a fan of the bots, but this book’s charm is wearing thin on me. Might be heading south soon.

Moonknight #3 – Bendis, Maleev, Wilson – I didn’t want to get to this book and I put it right at the bottom of my pile. I want it to be good so bad and I didn’t want to open the covers and be disappointed. Thankfully this book was saved by some good plot building dialog by Bendis, still not digging the muddy art. This one book was a breath of much needed air and finally picked up enough to earn a reprieve until the next issue. Staying in the box one book at a time.

Never to be seen again; Captain America – First Vengeance this mini-series started really strong and then turned into an incoherent mess, glad its ended and is gone. Very disappointed because it had such a strong start, cool cover, nice art, messed up story line. All-Winners Squad Band of Heroes – I didn’t even know this book was a coming and after reading it I can see why. If you want to see Cap at his most inactive while in a war zone then pick it up. A Blatant cash in on the Captain America movie, nice art, nice cover, very bad story and never to be seen again in my box.

That’s it for this week very slim pickings, but most of my titles appear mid-month. Now get out there and find a book that tells a good story and have fun.

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