DC Relaunch – Justice League International Line Up & NEW Issue Cover by Aaron Lopresti

DC Relaunch - Justice League InternationalOkay, I’ve bitten the bullet and will be picking up a handful of DC titles in September. All of them will be team books and I hope this DC reboot will give us some great stories. Above we have the rumored cover of Justice League International #1 by Aaron Lopresti, the book creative team is Dan Jurgens & Aaron Lopresti, and it gives us an idea of the line up of this super team.

We have Booster Gold (front and center possible team leader?), Rocket Red (old style suit), Fire, Ice (the cute one), Vixen (or someone who looks like her), Batman (who according to rumor is the moving force behind the JL), Guy Gardner (Oh yeah!), a Man in some type of clam shell armored suit holding an energy fork, and a Girl in black spandex (who might be from Booster Gold #45). Looks like good stuff and now lets hope for some good stories.

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