From the Archive – Attack of the Kroot with KrootOx and Kroothound the Tau Auxiliaries ReKroots of choice

The Tau KrootThe Kroot are the Tau Auxiliaries of choice, although lightly armored the Kroot Kindred’s are a maelstorm of close combat nastiness. Then add the raw power of KrootOx and the viciousness of the Kroot Hounds and they become a juggernaut capable of holding up the flank of any army – which has been the best use of Auxiliaries for centuries.

These Kroot are part of my Tau Cadre which is currently up on Ebay for you to bid one, check out this 1000pts army fully painted and ready to do battle for the greater good by click here.

The Kroot, including the KrootOx and Kroothound where painted with a skin tone of Bubonic Brown, washed with Snakebite Leather, highlighted with Bubonic Brown and then a final highlight of Bleached Bone. The Dreadlocks were painted Chaos Black, drybrushed with Red Gore. Any Jewelry or metal objects was painted first Chaos Black and then drybrushed with Tin Bitz and then Dwarf Bronze.

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