Geek Girl Gallery – The glamorous face of Transformers fandom meet Screamers more than meets the eye

Screamer coming at yaScreamers aka Rose is one of the leading sources of G1 Transformers fandom in the USA, her website Retroscreamers is packed full of toy information about the G1 Transformers line, and other retro toys. She is a major face in the Transformers community and even writes for the fan club magazine. She is also known for her amazing cosplay outfits like Soundwave, Wheeljack and the Baroness. I’m lucky enough to be good friends with her and work two photoshoots for her website, although I am yet to photograph her as the Baroness. You can check out these two shoots after the jump.

The first shoot was for the My Nerd Girl website when they were actively recruiting actually Nerd Girls, my charming and beautiful wife Jean was working for MNG too. This was really the first time we met Rose and before we became good friends. A lot of fun, and a lot of amazing toys in this house.

The second shoot was more recent and specifically a more glamour shoot than the last. We succeeded with some shots and failed with others. We do have another one planned and more outside locations to work with.


For the final part of the shoot Rose put on her Nurse Ratchet outfit.

Rose returns to Baltimore around Otakon and for Baltimore Comic Con so stay tuned for more shoots in the future and be sure to check out her website

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