Fabula Zero – Exposition pencil roughs for pages 6-9 Attack of the Infeasible Large Mechaniod

Attack of the MechaniodWork on the Fabula Exposition book continues, today two things happened in its production; the final story page count was finalized and I received the roughs for pages 6 through 9 from my artist Bill Young.

The story page count stands at 42 (and yes I find the Hitchhiker Guide coincidence highly amusing), with 22 of the pages comic panels and the remaining prose story. I figure with the extras I will be adding the final full page count of this mashup of comic/prose story telling will stand around 48 pages. Making it a fairly decent size graphic novel.

The roughs I received are from the attack of Mechaniod section of the book. Which is also one of the more complicated sequences and a huge chase scene. I think Bill has captured some pretty good dynamic movement here, let me know what you think.

It is my hope in few days I will have the first set of pages laid out with dialog, and I will put them up as a preview so you can see what Fabula Exposition is really all about.

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