Two very easy peasey Indie Author promotion tips

I’ve been on the Indie writer train for over a year now and the one thing I don’t like doing is promotion work on the internet.  We as writers have an inherent problem selling ourselves and our work, even I find it uncomfortable and I’ve had many jobs as a salesman; literally selling sand to Arabs. Truth be told I would rather be writing than finding ways to sell my books and getting the word out about them. I also know I’m not the only Indie who has this feeling too, so today I’m going to share two easy peasey promotion tips to help ease this awkwardness. Check out these two tips after the jump.

1. Making your books easy to buy – This is purely a tip that will work with eBooks published direct on the Kindle or the Nook. You need to make your books easy to buy, the average reader may not be able to locate your novel in the mess that passes as onsite search engines and will give up looking if it becomes too difficult. The internet breeds a kind of AHDD in most people and you need to combat this.

The best way to do is at the end of your story place a hotlink or hyperlink to the store location of your next book in the series or the rest of your work. Just copy the URL and create a hyperlink; I suggest taking a gander at the Smashwords Style Guide for an easy step by step guide to how to create a live link in your book.

2. Enhancing your book blurb – You’ve worked and worked on your book blurb and now you can’t make any more exciting or suspenseful.  Simple solution is to add an extract from the book you want to promote; keep it short about 420 characters (optimal word count for status updates on Facebook) and try to find an action or tense sequence you can pull the extract from. Here is an example below from Accept One, the second book of the Tether.

“I don’t know what to do,” said Michael hesitating as the Praetorian’s moved towards them.
“I do,” said Sarah. “Pulsus tergum!”
The Tether pulsed for a second, and the air in front of Sarah pushed outwards knocking everyone in front of her off their feet and violently rocking the van too.
“Come on Hero get me out of here,” said Sarah grabbing Michael and pulling him along. “Start thinking bodyguardy.”

Post the extract as your status, add a link to relevant book page, most social media pages will automatically pull a preview of your link adding the blurb to the update. You now have double the hook to excite your reader, you can repeat this process on message boards or where ever else you talk about/promote your work.

Over the last six weeks I’ve used a combination of both techniques over Twitter, Message board, and Facebook – in turn annoyed one Facebook group (sorry Kindle Readers UK it was just an experiment). In return with these techniques in place I’ve seen my sales of the books I promoted double. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, thanks for listening.

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