DC Relaunch Jim Lee full Justice League line up leaked online

DC Relaunch Jim Lee leaked artwork for Justice LeagueThis art piece has been sneaking its way online for the last couple of days, its been labeled as Jim Lee’s Justice League line up for the DC relaunch, tweaked costumes, and a slightly changed line up, but beyond that nothing really that radical. Although we are missing the great green Gumby known as J’onn J’onzz the Martian Manhunter.

Now I’ve not said anything about the DC relaunch coming in September and admittedly I’m not a DC fan. I feel over the last few years they’ve actively done everything they could to kill any interest I had as a fan of their books. Just how many universe retcon/reboots do you need in one decade? Frankly they should of stayed with the Hypertime concept, which neatly explained every continuity error ever! And stayed as far away from the Superboy Prime punching the universe as they could. Then we wouldn’t have had the Final Crisis of the Crisis, that is the 52 week Crisis featuring the biggest Final Crisis ever! Really boxed themselves into a crisis corner with that deal.

However I am very interested in seeing what is happening with their relaunched Justice League book. Rumor has it, its going to be as much about seven superheroes living together, as it is going to be about super heroics (if we are allowed to use that term with the new DC books). For me this signals a return to the Keith Giffen era when the Justice League was comic book gold and one of the best picks on the rack. So yes I will be getting Justice League #1 in September, with any comic brand its always best to start with the team books and go from there. I hope I wont be disappointed, even though a part of me is speculating that this is just a warmed over Heroes Reborn storyline and wont matter in a years time as DC reboots (again), and returns to legacy numbering.

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