The Green Lantern movie, how can something so easy go so wrong?

Green Lantern, wow what a movie, what a huge disappointment. Before I get started I have to say this. I understand movie adaptations do not always stay faithful to the book or canon it’s based on, I understand entertainment and the purpose of telling a story within a time limitation. Almost always if the spirit of book is in the movie, then the movie works.

Now take Ryan Reynolds a charismatic actor with good comedic timing. Insert him into the role of Hal Jordon a cocky test pilot and then give him a Lantern ring that manifests his imagination powered by his will, and you have the makings of a fairly easy to put together Super-Hero movie. Given the early character of Hal Jordon in the books you actually have mini-Stark on your hands. All the ingredients for a fun comic book movie romp, so what went wrong?

First off it was like watching three different movies, the Earth stuff was okay it clicked just not really expanded. Our villain Hector Hammond felt very throw away, almost an excuse for Hal to have a conflict and confidence crisis. Given Hector’s mental prowess and problems he actually has caused for the GL’s in the past, it could of easily been a movie with Hal dealing with him, then learning he is part of a much bigger picture with all the cosmic stuff at the end of the movie.

Next we flip back and forth to Oa, as Hal first visits it and gets a slap dash training session from Kilowog, before facing off against Sinestro and getting his butt kicked, then being declared weak. Am I the only one who thought Mark Strong stole his scenes and gave us a much different movie everytime he appeared.

To finish off we have the showdown between Hal and Parallax, who now has the award for BS movie villain of  the year, after giving a speech to the Guardians about not giving into fear and asking to defend his planet (which is his job anyway), he flies off to confront Parallax and without any real effort on Hal’s part stops him. Up to this point the best of the GL Corps got their butt’s kicked in a badly cut scene as they rushed to confront this monster.

Here was the problem the movie bounced around without any direction, or connection between the plot points as it half the movie that told the actually story was left on the cutting room floor.

The movie was about not giving into your fear, or finding the courage to move past it, so we are treated to an ending scene that is supposed to set us up for the next movie that just baffled me. I will warn you now there is a spoiler ahead.


After agreeing with Hal, and then giving the GL Corps a huge speech about Hal’s victory, Sinestro then slips on the yellow ring powered by fear itself with no motivation to do this. In the books there is a huge fall from grace for Sinestro and this fall was the underlining force in his motivation to take up the yellow ring. This just felt like, well just try this on despite all my speeches about how great the Corp is. Sums up everything that is wrong with this movie, no motivation, and complete lack of direction.

Graphically all the Oa stuff felt like I was watching cut scenes from a game made about five years ago, the product placement was actually amusing and I laughed at the blatant Hot Wheels stuff. Blake Lively is really easy on the eyes, but she isn’t really given anything to work with, Mark Strong has an amazing voice and they could of done a movie with Sinestro and I think it would of been better.  I guess though with seven screen writers we should be happy something appeared at all.

Plus did you feel that Ryan was practically gooning at us to suspend our disbelief? I mean it we had that nod and wink thing in Ironman and it worked because it was subtle. Here it felt like Ryan was saying come on guys just follow me and don’t worry it will be alright in every scene he was dressed up as Green Lantern… Ugh… So much could of been done better.

In short this movie is a sad mess and a huge missed opportunity by DC. They needed a movie as fun and fast paced as Ironman to really start stamping out their franchise for the rumored Justice League movie. I really didn’t expect too much, but I expected better than what we got.

2 thumbs up out of 5

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