Review – Kirby Genesis 1 by Kurt Busiek & Alex Ross

Kirby Genesis 1
Covers: Alex Ross
Publisher: Dynamite
Writer: Kurt Busiek
Penciller/Inker: Alex Ross, Jackson Herbert
Colorist: Vinicius Andrade

It’s been a long month since I read Kirby Genesis Zero (read review here) and even though it was an incoherent mess, it was a beautiful book to hold for the artwork alone. I did have fears that Kirby Genesis #1 would go the same way, but thankfully it stepped away from a high art concept book and remembered it was at heart a comic book that needed to tell a story.

The story starts from the perspective of Kirby, a college student and we see the events unfold from his point of view. Gone are the crazy panel visuals of  Zero that while were wonderful made the story almost indecipherable, and we are treated a nice comic with what looks like an interesting story that will unfold in its pages. We follow Kirby who breaks the fourth wall a number of times in this book as he narrates this story to us, and the events around them. Here I think we have the first real failing of the book. Having this story narrated in this fashion informs the reader that Kirby, while being a reliable witness, has all ready experienced these events and survived them; suspending any peril we think he might be in.

As a first issue Kirby Genesis introduces elements from Zero, and we learn a little bit why these superheroes (and villains) are starting to appear across the world. The art in this book is amazing and lovingly done as you would expect from anything touched by Alex Ross. This is a still good book, I didn’t get the magical feeling I had from holding Zero and I am worried that some of the concepts that look a little 70’s might not work in such a vignette flash fashion. Don’t get me wrong, we have a book that is rediscovering the joy of superheroes again I just hope it holds up to its concept and doesn’t devolve into the panel madness of Zero.

3.5 thumbs up out of 5

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