Review – Alpha Flight 1 of 8 by Fred Van Lente & Greg Pak Fear Itself tie-in

Alpha FlightAlpha Flight 1 of 8
Publisher Marvel
Written by Fred Van Lente, Greg Pak
Art by Dale Eaglesham
Cover by Phil Jimenez

After reading the very strong Alpha Flight .1 issue (read review here) I placed an order for my Comic Book box at Chucks Comics to make sure I didn’t miss out on the reborn Alpha Flight. This is the start of the eight issue mini-series, and also a Fear Itself tie-in. Now first issues of any comic have a hard time because they need to introduce the characters, hook you with the story and leave you wanting more, but this book was lumbered with being also being a tie-in to Marvel’s Mega-Event Fear Itself, did they manage to pull it off?

I am very happy to report that Alpha Flight checked all the boxes it was supposed to and looks to be a very solid super team book. The opening panels are very cinematic, as you start at street level before the heroes even turn up. Check out the panels after the jump for the opener it is a pretty impressive opening for any book.

Alpha Flight Page OneAlpha Flight Page TwoAlpha Flight Page ThreeI wont show you the last panels because it contains spoilers. Basically Attuma turns up in the form of Nerkkod – Breaker of Oceans and Alpha Flight fight him and his minions off. Very well done super battle that re-introduces the team each with their own little vignette, they could of ended it with Attuma being driven off, but we got a great plot development and a twist at the end that left me wanting more.

This book is hitting the trifecta of good art, good writing and great pacing making it the most solid super hero team book on the rack at this moment. I hope Alpha Flight stays this strong and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the next issue to see what happens next. If you don’t get this book, get it! You won’t be sorry.

4.5 thumbs up out of 5

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