Found in the Archive – They have a Cave Troll as I unbury my Lord of the Rings collection

LOTR Cave Troll“They have a Cave Troll,” one of my favorite lines in The Lords of the Rings movie because it was said in such an offhand manner by Boromir. This Cave Troll is from my LOTR miniature collection, painted to be part of my Moria Goblin warband and at the time was one of the biggest models available in the range.

The dark skin was painted with Blue Grey and washed three times with Armor Wash, then highlighted in a mix of Blue Grey and Chaos Black. The flesh belly tones started with Dwarf Flesh, blended with with SnakeBite Leather while the paint was wet, and the blended again with Dwarf Flesh; to highlight I used Bronzed Flesh. In all a fun miniature to paint and to use in the Games Workshop Lord of the Rings Strategy game.

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