Inside the Box – Savage Dragon, New Avengers, Fear Itself Spiderman & Fearsome Four

Welcome to Inside the Box. Every week I give you a quick rundown review of all the books inside my box from my local comic book store Chucks Comics. Find out what book stays, what book goes and what book gets banished after the first read. Fairly poor pickings this week, but this is fairly typical for my box in the second week of the month.

Savage Dragon #171 by Erik Larsen with Nikos Koutsis & Mike Toris – I don’t know how Erik does it, but Savage Dragon has continually been one of the best books in my box since I started to pick it up. After handling the transition from Dragon to Malcolm, the story starts to slowly pick up pace with a look at family; and cause and effect. What really makes a son of a super-villain become a super-villain? Genetics or circumstance, the answer is inside! Angel explains why she is a benefit to her school, Malcolm encounters a family member he has never seen before and both kids find out what happened to Dad; which I think is setting us up for the next arc. Very good stand alone tale and shining example of a good solid comic book.

Marvel – The New Avengers #13 by Bendis, Deodato & Chaykin – I think this is the last issue of the Nick Fury Flashback to the original Avenger intuitive members. The issue flip-flops between present day new Avengers and the Avengers of the 50’s; concluding both arcs that revealed new nest of HAMMER Loyalists and a insane Nazi Captain America. A stolen relic that branches both stories is finally recovered and we find out everything has something to do with the infinity formula. Which brings us to a fairly predictable ending which I wont spoil for you. I am enjoying the New Avengers team dynamic they are a little more down to earth than the more cosmic Avengers, and this book is still a keeper.

Fear Itself – Spider-man 2 of 3 by Yost, McKone & Cox – The fear in this book is palpable as Spidey gets run ragged trying to save the citizens of New York against themselves. We are treated to an inspiring monolog from Jonah Jameson basically kicking the Web-head back to his senses. Very well done, you can feel everything falling apart and the desperation of Spider-man as he tries to keep everything together. A worthy event tie in limited series and I am hanging in there to the end… Bravo!

Banished from the Box – Fear Itself Fearsome Four, really Howard the Duck? Who at Marvel thought I know we will bring Howard the Duck back into our mega-summer event that will make this issue fly off the shelves. I don’t get it when there are much more worthy titles that have been canceled how we get this tripe jammed down our throats. Total waste of She Hulk, Man Thing, Frankenstein and Darkwing. Fear Itself Deadpool is just an incoherent unfunny mess, I’m not a huge fan of the Merc with a Mouth, but this is a Deadpool book at it’s very worse. Two event tie in series, both a complete waste of time and your money.

See you all next week!

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