Setting the easy set up pool, just how hard can that be?

Sunday was spent setting up our new 15ft wide pool. An easy task, made easier by it being one of those Intex Easy Set up pools; all you need to do is inflate the ring and then fill it full of water. How hard can that be?

Well, in borrowing those words from Top Gear I found out and little did I know the epic quest this Sunday task would be. The day started easy enough, pick up the Krystal Clear (sounds like a stripper name) saltwater system, and the 120lbs of salt. The only issue was the salt was in one store, and the filter system was in the other, so I made myself a nice little 10 mile circuit to get both items. At the same time I also decided to get a Lawn Mower, which mean’t I could no longer be accused of breaking the Neighbors machine; being a English and leaning towards a viable efficient machine I choose an Electric Mower… Yeah zero man points, but much kudos for the planet.

Okay get everything home, and first thing to do is mow the lawn. Simple enough assemble the lawn mower then plug it in and trip the breakers in the house. Run down to the basement, switch them all on, and find an outlet that isn’t already overloaded. Hey Presto the mower works! Now those who are not familiar with these might machines you have to have a cable playing out the back to keep supplying it with power. It was as this point I remembered why I enjoyed the Neighbors gas mower so much, more freedom of movement and no cable to worry about running over. After awkwardly starting I got into a rhythm and soon the back and front were done… Now the pool…

Start up simple, unpack simple, spread out easy, positioning fairly hard to do by yourself but I did it okay, spent 40 minutes ironing out the wrinkles in the pool floor, pump air into ring with bad choice of hand pump and then add water. Those of you who were following my twitter will know this all happened around 2pm.

Go inside wake Jean up from her all night cooking marathon, get a sudden over heat attack which cost me 30 minutes on the couch with a wet towel over my head. Check pool filling up nicely, time to figure out the pump filter system. Now the odd things about pool filters it all seems like easy plumbing until you try to put it all together, then you feel fairly dim and you put it all together in an odd backwards no logic to it fashion. Pipe A to outlet B connected to line E sort of stuff. Still set up easy enough once I abandoned all rhyme and reason.

Then the hours pass, constant monitoring the pool and a bloody hell its actually quite big isn’t it moment as it slowly started to rise. Around 6pm I notice a disturbing lean, which 20 minutes later got fairly dramatic and I thought the pool was going to collapse. Cut the water, consult the wife and the decision was made to move it slightly closer to the house on ground that was a little less uneven. Now we had to empty the pool which involved collapsing it and then causing a small flood into our back alley. I predict I dumped a good $40 worth of water rate money before the pool was empty enough for me to drag the 10 yards onto better ground. Whilst doing this I felt something pop in my back, but kept going… So near now so no use complaining about a slight twinge!

Reposition pool, spread it out again, iron out wrinkles, re-pump air into ring with now annoying badly chosen air pump. Fill up with water, calculate it will fill a 8 inches an hour and might be done by midnight. Reconnect filter system and then monitor for lean and leaks. Again followers of my twitter on Sunday got the play by play of this exciting event, and eventually around midnight the wife volunteers to monitor it; while doing another over night cake bake and I go to bed falling asleep almost as I hit the pillow.

Wake up around 4am in horrendous back pain… Tough it out for 30 minutes before the Jean comes up stairs to see what the moaning is about. Back seems to be spasming, and Jean fetches one of my three remaining muscle relaxers to help me ride the spasms out. Turns out she got a Percocet, (must of got fed up with my macho I can deal with it growling) which I took and promptly pass out for the next 7 hours. Wake very groggy and everything I look at is like staring down a tunnel, and I’m moving in slow motion in a marshmallow environment in a silly Gerry Anderson puppet fashion. Jean reappears to take my phone off me as I discovered the delights of swipe on it, and gives me what she promises to be muscle relaxer this time, and also informs me she got in contact with my work while I was unconscious.  Oh and the pool is now full completing around 2.30am

Take the pill slip into sleep for another two hours and wake up feeling much better about my back. With Jean’s help we get the salt into the pool, set up the pump to go, and the pool will be open tomorrow. In the end the pool set up turned out to be a mighty task indeed, one worthly of Thor himself, and it took team work to complete. My back is still sore, but with luck I will be able to take advantage of my pool tomorrow evening…

Pool party my house this Saturday!!!

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