Review – Fear Itself Book Three of Seven by Matt Fraction

Fear Itself – Book Three of Seven
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Stuart Immonen
Artist (cover): Steve McNiven

We are now three books into Marvels big summer event and things are now starting to shake loose, as the size of the disaster starts to overwhelm the heroes. This book concentrates mainly on the start of the blitzkrieg and the hammer that fell on Yancy Street. Or it at least tries because the book actually is very off focus. Now I appreciate everything is starting to fall apart, but the book can only spare a few panels on each event and that is starting to effect the story, especially since we are not given the issue jumping on points for the other series books.

Plus there is a huge spoiler in this book that effects one of better storylines in another book I am reading. Find out more about that after the jump, so this is fair warning… Spoilers ahead!

As I mentioned part of Book Three shows the Blitzkrieg on DC, one of the teams sent in to stop them is Captain America (Bucky), Black Widow and the Falcon. Here is the problem… In the Captain America book Bucky is still in the Gulag in Russia, with his life in peril as unseen forces toy with him. He is now in Book Three leading the charge against the worthy? Kind of deflates all the tension building by Ed in the Cap book. In fact it total ruins it just to give us a shock moment? C’mon Marvel you know better than pull a DC on us.

This is one of those things I hate about crossovers and it has ruined a book that is getting really good at the moment. This and the jumping style of the story has made this event lose some its luster, maybe its middle book blues, and I’m still wary of Event fatigue.

Nice art, good dialog, just too much trying to be crammed into too little pages and no thought of spoiling other books just for a shock ending.

3 thumbs up out of 5

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