Inside the Box – Moon Knight, Super Dinosaur, Hellboy and more

I’ve been doing more comic reviews on my blog than normal, concentrating mainly on first issues and books that catch my eye. I do read more books than I review and I thought I would give you a look inside my box; that sits in my local comic book store Chucks Comics.

Marvel – MoonKnight #2 by Bendis, Maleev, Wilson – Technically this book hasn’t even made it into my box because I’m not sure about it. There are parts of it I really like, like the schizo moments when all the imaginary Avengers are telling him what to do. Then he starts acting like Spiderman, gets the crap beat out of him in a way that would of not happened to Moon Knight if he was Moon Knight. Just not sure about this book, the writing is okay, not the best Bendis, and I know I’m not digging the art at all. Moon Knight has one more issue to make it into my box; prospects though are grim.

IDW – Transformers #20 Costa & Guidi – This book should be better than its being; although Ironhide is now back in the mix and its the Ironhide from the mini-series. Yes I am enjoying the giant robot madness; just feels like I am missing half the story of how Hotshot got to this point.

Image – Super Dinosaur #2 Kirkman & Howard – This book continues to be super-awesome unabashed fun, my son just loves this book and its not missing a beat yet. He so wants a Super Dinosaur toy now. Anyway, I share this book with my son, he loves it and I’m enjoying it too. New elements are introduced, new foes and motivations are uncovered, along with new armor for SD… Still awesome!

Marvel – Avengers Academy 14.1 Gage, Chen, Hanna & Cox – This book has to go somewhere soon or I feel its going to leave my box. This was the .1 edition that is supposed to introduce the student body to new readers. Sadly Alpha Flight has shown how this should be done, after that this one AA feel flat on its face.

Marvel – Thunderbolts #158 Parker, Walker, Martin – For two issues this went flat, then they went off to fight Zombies, Santana got a thing for Moonstone and now everything has exploded! The Raft is collapsing, the inmates are revolting and Alpha & Beta Thunderbolt teams have to clean up the mess. I didn’t want the book to end and that is a very good sign. Pick this one up, its a gem.

Dark Horse Comics – Hellboy The Fury Mike Mignola & Duncan Fegredo – This book wasn’t in my box, but after this issue it is going to be. I don’t know why I’ve not been reading Hellboy and waited this long to pick it up. The Fury is a good jumping on point, we have a couple of pages of back story to bring us up to speed and away you go. Reading Hellboy was like putting on a comfortable pair of shoes, I enjoyed it and now have to get more.

Honorably mentions SHIELD is back and continues to be a quality story, and has finally stopped being a little less vague.  Secret Warriors is suffering from a little too much Exposition dialog, but there is a cool, and very cold Fury moment in it.

Left out of the box – Fear Itself The Deep… Just say no to this unneeded event tie in book.

More looking inside the box next week…

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