Found in the Archive – Kroot Shaper the first real alien not to appear in Warhammer

Kroot ShaperThe Kroot are a very unique alien race in Warhammer 40,000 they are amongst the very few who do not have a Warhammer Fantasy Battle analog. I remember first getting the plastics for these aliens and being excited to actually have a very different race in my hands. The Kroot are bird like creatures and look a little like the Predator with their spine like dreadlocks. Learn how I painted my Kroot Shaper after the jump.

My Kroot Shaper was painted with a skin tone of Bubonic Brown, washed with Snakebite Leather, highlighted with Bubonic Brown and then a final highlight of Bleached Bone. The Dreadlocks were painted Chaos Black, drybrushed with Red Gore. Any Jewelry or metal objects was painted first Chaos Black and then drybrushed with Tin Bitz and then Dwarf Bronze. The cloak was Scorpion Green washed with Battle Green, and highlighted with light drybrush of Suburst Yellow. A fun figure to paint, totally alien, totally cool concept.

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