The value of worth and can you find it in my stories

A topic came up in a indies writers group I belong to which posed this question; Why do you think what you want to write is worth reading?

Here was my reply.

I write to tell a story, if it worth reading or not is in the eye of that Reader. There is nothing I can say or do once they open the covers that will convince them that what I have wrote has worth. Worth is, and always be subjective to those that reward it.

I had to copy it from the group because it talks about something that is dear to my heart, what is the value of worth and I feel I managed to hit it on the head. Worth will always be subjective to those that reward it. Although I believe what I write is important, it doesn’t have any worth until someone else reads it and then assigns it said worth based on their judgement.

Okay, that was borderline philosophical, don’t worry I will be back to eye candy galleries, comic book reviews and other nonsense now πŸ˜‰

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