Review – Onslaught Unleashed / Daredevil Reborn two mini-series you should have avoided

Onslaught Unleashed
Publisher: Marvel
Written by Sean McKeever
Penciled by Filipe Andrade
Cover by Jumberto Ramos

Sounds exciting, right? The return of one the most powerful foes the Marvel heroes have ever fought. I was sadly very wrong.

I got this because I was enjoying the Nomad back up strip in the Captain America book. Here we had Rikki Barnes, the girl with no world trying to make a life for herself in the Marvel world. It sort of worked and had a nice charm to it. Even the art, which was extremely stylized near the end of its run to the point you couldn’t recognize major Marvel heroes was slightly forgivable; because the story just worked well.

Then I got Onslaught Unleashed in my box; for some reason I decided to stay with it despite the art looking horrible. I wanted to know how the collective of some of the Secret Avengers with Steve Rogers, the Young Allies and Rikki would defeat the entity that killed 90% of Marvels heroes and birthed the reborn universe.

It hummed and hawed, the sub-plot was harder to follow than Felipe Andrade’s artwork, which made reading hard work in places to say the least. A lot of the characters acted well… Out of character and although Rikki managed to stop Onslaught with a little help from Beast; who gave the best pseudo-Star Trek tech speech ever. I was left thinking it was a poor throw away ending for Rikki, who deserved a little more than she actually got. It was like to many loose ends were being tied up at once and we the reader suffered for it.

You might like it, I guess it has some type of charm about it; me I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone. The rating is for some impressive if not very chaotic visuals… But really every major fight scene done in shadow?

1 thumbs up out of 5

Daredevil Reborn
Publisher: Marvel
Written by Andy Diggle
Penciled by Davide Gianfelice
Cover by Jock

Shadowlands was the Marvel crossover that gave me event fatigue, it felt more like an excuse to launch a parade of one shots than actually character development for Daredevil. The idea behind Daredevil Reborn was to put Matt Murdock back on the track to becoming the good Daredevil again.

For this to work Matt would have to do something that would give him some serious redemption. Remember he took over an entire section of the city and was responsible for large scale property damage, not counting the body count in his name. Then just as he was cured of the demon inside of him, he ran not even facing up to his responsibilities. It didn’t feel very Daredevil, the man without fear running away.

This four part mini-series had some awesome Daredevil covers attached to it, no that’s the lie, the covers are simply amazing! Sadly the awesome covers had nothing to do with the story. Which placed Matt in the mid-western town that was taken over by gun runners, what we got was the reluctant hero schtick of not wanting to get involved, then getting involved, it all going wrong and then putting it all right.

The villains all had poor aim, or went toe to toe with Matt, and the major villain had a mutant power that made you face your worse fear if you looked him in the eye. Someone needs to explain how the exactly works on a blind man? Hasn’t Matt encountered the same thing with Mephisto and walked away? So Matt encounters his worse fear which seems to be becoming Bullseye, gets shot and then comes back to take everyone down in a Dread Pirate Roberts outfit (I kid you not).

I think I might of missed the redemption in this story. Or just feel Matt needed to go through a lot more than a hick town gun running ring before returning to New York to become the Red Daredevil again. I think the potential of him traveling town to town in Kung Fu style would of been better, with him staying one step ahead of the US Marshall’s on his tale.

Awesome covers, story doesn’t quite gel with me. If you want to find out what happens to Matt after Shadowlands then get it, otherwise this is a miss.

2 thumbs up out of 5

There you go two reviews of two mini-series that you should just avoid and not believe the hype.

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