It’s 6pm the official Family Radio time of the Rapture did you feel anything? Yeah… Me too…

Well here we are it is now 6pm the official Family Radio time for the Rapture, it has now started and like a brown wave of destruction is supposed to be moving across the globe towards us…

Yeah that is what I thought too… Nothing… What is that? Oh yes… Beware False Prophets…

You will have to excuse the rest of this blog post, I’m going to talk a bit about my religious views and my faith. If you want to read more take the jump.

So now what? What are those adults going to do that followed the word of Family Radio to the letter and prepared for the Rapture, and in turn scared the piss out of their kids? How do you explain this one to them? Oops sorry got it wrong, my bad? You’ve just shaken that faith in them by your misguided belief in the ravings of a man who happily takes your money, and will do so again.

If you don’t feel like an idiot about now you should…

If I was you I would take this moment to reexamine your faith, and while having faith is a great thing; a faith in something greater beyond this existence is wonderful feeling and something that I have myself. But examine that faith and ask yourself how you a rational person could blindly follow another to the point your scared your family, or ruined them. Is this what God wanted you to do?

Tell you what I feel and think about God, he wants you to live your life, and be excellent to the people that exist in it.  To think for yourself and praise him; not blindly or in a throes of a cult worship, but in your own way. A prayer is little more than practicing your skills, a miracle is no more than you being the best you can be at that skill. Praise him everyday by living your life, by finding the beauty and love in it.

Not by being scared, not by giving into the fear mongers, but by having the courage to always be a good person and thinking for yourself.

Sorry, this entire May 21st Judgement Day thing has kind of got to me, and I’m disappointed that so many people fell for this conman again. Please I urge you to not drink the Kool Aid and live your life… That is what God wants you to do.

Be excellent to each other 🙂

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