The End of the World… The Rapture? Judgement Day? Did you feel anything?

It is now Midnight May 21st in Israel, the time and date where Family Radio has guaranteed the end of the world, or the Rapture, or Judgement day. Did you feel anything? Cause I’m still at work, its looking like a typical Friday afternoon completely free of celestial events and beings to me. Just me and the boys staring at our computer screens pushing code around.

Of course it could be kicking off now and people could be ascending to heaven as I blog, but I doubt it… The entire thing stinks of a sad, horrible little marketing ploy that exploited a fearful corner of society by Family Radio to part people with their money and have it flow to them.

Ever… Onwards… The end of the world might be nigh, Judgement day may yet be around the corner; but you will be judged by the life you make, how you treat those around you, not how your prostrate yourself before a myth in a book written by people pretending to be other people.

Belief is what you make of it and is more than rigid slavish adhence to age old worship and rituals, it is to quote the words of Bill & Ted about being most excellent to everyone.

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