The Wonder Tales, my all ages fairy tale book goes to my daughters school

Here is some cool news for you all. I was talking to my children on the phone today and my daughter was telling me she took her print copy of The Wonder Tales, my collection of all ages fairy stories, to her school today for reading time.

She telling me how everyone in her class wanted to look at her book, how the Teacher asked who wrote the book, and how grinning she said her Daddy.  First off the Teacher didn’t believe her, then she looked at the back of the book and saw my picture there.

Yeah, I can just see my daughter grinning like crazy as she showed off the book, and I feel really chuffed, in fact full of chuffiness over hearing this… Thank you my Princess 🙂

To learn more about The Wonder Tales, click the link here –

Going to wander around with a silly grin on my face all day now 🙂

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