The Wonder Tales Issue#1 The Archer, the Horse and the Princess 5-Star Review

The Archer, the Horse and the PrincessGood news everybody, all ages fairy tale The Archer, the Horse and the Princess; the first book in The Wonder Tales series got it first 5-Star review on Amazon today!!!

I am really chuffed and totally over the moon at this news, as this first story was extra special as it was written on the 2011 Anniversary of Tolkien’s Birthday, and inspired me to write five more tales for my children to read. Which are also now being enjoyed by people all over the world. Thank you so very, very much Gwen Bristol for reading my work and enjoying it so much πŸ™‚

You can read the 5-Star review by clicking the link to The Archer, the Horse and the Princess Amazon Kindle page here.

You can learn more The Wonder Tales by visiting the website here.

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