Review – Fear Itself Spider-man by Chris Yost

Fear Itself Spider-man
Book One of Three

Written by Chris Yost
Art by Mike McKone

One of the things I don’t like about big events is the one shot series, During Shadowlands they helped give me event fatigue and all the one shot stories were pretty irrelevant to the main story. It hurt the series more than helped it and sent me into an event tailspin.

But… I am happy to report that Fear Itself Spider-man is nothing like this. This book is dark, scary and full of foreboding. Let me explain; you expect certain things from the Spider-man books, most of it his humor in the face of mounting adversity. This is almost completely absent in this book, you feel the fear that Spider-man is feeling, his total absence of humor is scary.

There are also four different story arcs as well as Spider-mans story going on through this issue. The Wall Street CFO caught embezzling, the pregnant woman on the verge of giving birth who’s husband leaves her, the homeowner about to lose everything he worked for and the Iranian immigrant who drives a cab in this post 911 world. They share a  palpable sense of fear that is ripped straight from our headlines.

How these stories effect Spider-man is explored in throughout this book, we touch upon the Iranian immigrant who Spidey saves from a mob, and who in turn helps our hero put his head back together. Then the CFO places an unexpected twist in the stories tail, that leaves Spider-man vulnerable and at his lowest point. I wont though spoil that for you.

In all this is a good book, you finish it feeling scared for Spider-man and a feeling of dread of what is really happening in this Marvel event. As a one shot this aided this huge event and has me excited to read what happens next.

4 thumbs up out of 5

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