Giving the Gift of a Memory at My Daughters Big 10 Special

Krissy & Prince

My Daughter and her Prince, this is what makes every sacrifice worth it

Today we did something very special for my Daughter, we celebrated her Big 10 by giving her a day out of her choosing. The Big 10 is important as it is the only time you turn a digit before hitting 100, it is a time to celebrate and give an extra special memory. My Daughter gave us four suggestions and we acted on one of them. She wanted to ride a horse, so we took her horse back riding.

After much searching we found Elk Mountain Trails, which is in the Harper Ferry area of Maryland. A great little Ranch that offers Trail riding at a fantastic rate. Yes, it was a little further than local ranches but they accommodated my 220+ weight, and Jean’s disability at no extra cost or fuss.  They even did a fantastic job with my son, who was very scared, and one of the guides offered to tow him until her was comfortable, which took less than 20 minutes into the ride. If you ever want to go horse trail riding I highly recommend Elk Mountain Trails, and we will be returning for a longer ride in the near future. Check out their website at

Of course my Daughter had a complete blast on her horse named Prince, I’ve never seen her grin so much ever. People may give their kids fancy electronics, or sparkling jewels, I like to think I gave her the most precious gift of all, a very good memory. She loved that horse as the last picture in the gallery below shows.

After the jump there is a gallery of pictures taken from our day tail riding, including my daughter on Prince, my son on Jack giving the thumbs up, my younger son on Houdini, Jean on Nugget (a horse very much in temperament as her) and me on my Nemesis Tag-A-Long, who wanted to drive one of my feet into every tree we rode past… Next time Tag, next time…

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