Found in the Archive – Thrud the Barbarian, a GW classic miniature

Thrud the Barbarian
Found buried today in my miniature photo archive a Games Workshop classic Citadel Miniature – Thrud the Barbarian. Painted in layered Bronzed and Dwarf Flesh, then shaded using Snakebite Leather, Ole’Pinhead was a lot of fun to paint and the first time I really paid attention to flesh tones.

Thrud the Barbarian has the strength and ferocity of a Rhinoceros. The speed and agility of a Jungle cat. And the intelligence of a Garden Snail.

Published as a comic strip in Games Workshop’s White Dwarf Magazine, the pinheaded Barbarian has long been a fan favorite of long time gamers everywhere, and the bane of White Dwarf Editors. Who are constantly asked when he will be back. Created by Carl Critchlow as a parody of Conan the Barbarian; Thrud is an enduring character and still much missed. You can find more information on Thrud on Carl’s website here.

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